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Prozac and Bad Dreams

I have been taking Prozac (Fluoxetine) pretty much religiously for the past several years. Although I still have bouts of depression now and then, things have been much better since I started taking them.

However recently I have been having bad dreams just about every night and all of them consist of me hurting myself in some way. This has been affecting my moods and my ability to sleep because often if I wake up and go back to sleep, the same dream continues.

I understand one can have bad dreams when they first start taking the medication, but has anyone had problems with it and having bad dreams several years later after already being adjusted to the medications?
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There are many reasons for bad dreams and they can be cyclical, so it would be difficult to isolate if it is the med. The fact it is several years later suggests it might not be Prozac related.
Dreams occur every night but we forget most of them and think they just happen once in a while - they are generally meaningless so try to forget about them and see if the issue goes away.
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As AnxiousNoMore said, this wouldn't be the kind of thing that can happen when one starts taking an antidepressant, but if you're also finding yourself suffering increased depression and/or anxiety lately, it could be a sign the drug is pooping out at the current dose.  If everything is otherwise the same, then I wouldn't worry about it -- dreams are always weird.  
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