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Really?...the straw that broke........

I'm done. Enough is ENOUGH.
Divorce, husband (friend of 13 years before marriage) : ( he was never happy with me. And he showed it. Still can't figure out why he wanted to marry me since I wasn't good enough. Worst part, he was my best friend for 13 YEARS before we got married...... but, I accepted it, and gave him what he wanted.

I'm an architect.
2008 - THATS when he wanted the divorce after my FIRST (of many layoffs)....

Went out with girlfriend after divorce. She took me to a bar where there was a band playing. She was trying to get me out of the house to have fun. Well, that was the night I met POS husband #2. The bass player from the band.......

Sometimes.... I can make REALLY bad decisions.
To keep it short. I'm divorcing him. He's a con man free loader who is 47 years old dreaming of being a rock god rather than GET A JOB to help pay bills.  

But that's not the worst of it.

I've landed a great job with an awesome firm. That was going good. (Still is...)
POS was out of house. Finally had peace.
I got a PUPPY. A beautiful Irish setter named Bella. She's awesome....
Going good. Finally. Starting to relax....decompress...

Now. Very good chance I have an INCREDIABLY rare form of a blood cancer. Yeah. Still can't quite get used to hearing the words eosinophilia, hypereosinophilic disorder, pre-LEUKEMIA!!!!!!!
And this thing is the rarest of all the blood cancers. My hemo oncologist has put me thru every test to find a cause of my elevated eosinophils - a type of white blood cell.

Wish I never knew that word.
: (
And only reason I went to doc was for an ear infection. she did a CBC, it came back abnormal.

All tests thus far (to determine why elevated eos) have come back negative.... Except my blood work. It's changing. High eos still. Next labs, low iron saturation.... Meaning my red blood cells weren't processing the iron from my diet. Iron level fine. Processing iron, no.
Labs after that. Anemia.
So I'm on iron, pretty strong. And it BARELY got me over the hump in the numbers...
BUT.... Yet another abnormality shows up. This time it's what's called the red blood cell differential. It measures the diameter of your blood size. Healthy RBC are consistent in size. Unhealthy ones are not. And mine are not : (

So hemo doc mentions the BB word. Looks like I'll be getting a bone marrow biopsy pretty soon.

It's all too much.....waaaaaayy too much....

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I'm sorry you are going through this.  Did any of your family have cancer?
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m like you in the husband department. I just got out of the hospital for stopping xanax cold turkey. They did a
many tests and found nothing wrong blood included. If you ever need a bone marrow transplant look me up. Im more than happy to help good people, Hang in there. Dove
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Yes. My grandfather (mom's side) died of leukemia 4 months before I was born. He was 56.
Grandmother (mom's side) had colon cancer.
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