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Reg. Dr said I am fine but I need Help I need to know what is wrong with me.?

So for almost 5 yrs now I am constantly feeling tired. I have mornings where I wake up and I am in so much pain that I cry in my bed and cant be touched by my kids. I worked out and gone on very strict diets and cant lose more than five pounds. I have three kids and I am hardly able to be with them and hold them. Dr. said she tested for everything and suggested that I go onto medicine for depression. But I am completely happy with my life other than exhaustion and pain.
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Your post doesn't add up in that you are not depressed but doc wants you on meds.

I suggest getting a second opinion, and be wary that some busy docs will prescribe meds as a placebo for people who claim they have problems but doc thinks don't have problems. In that case the doc would be too busy to keep dealing with the same person, but it is just a wild guess possibility on my part.
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Yeah I don't agree with the dr either.  It sounds like a physical problem more than a mental problem.  Do you take over the counter pain medicine or any other?  What kind of pain are you experiencing?
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Here's a third vote for Anxiousnomore,  Docs who can't find the problem get rid of you by writing it off to a mental disorder.  That gets rid of you and keeps you a patient for prescription refills and the side effects of the drug forever.  Keep looking for the answer.
By the way, when you say strict dieting, did the pain start after you did that?  Did you over-exercise by starting at too high a level?  You might have traumatized your system or have nutritional problems.  If a doc won't look hard enough or can't figure it out, I'd go see a naturopath or practitioner of integrated medicine before I took an antidepressant when I wasn't depressed.
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