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Seratonin Lab Code

Does anyone know the Code to ask your Doctor to order so you may have a Blood Lab done to figure out how much Seratonin you have in you?

My nearest Doctor doesn't seem to even know there is a Lab--yet, from past experience in Supplemental Lab testing, many Supplements can be tested by a Lab if you make it as easy as possible for the Doctor to then Order using the correct Code (as we are more Motivated in our own Health than any Doctor treating many Patients).

Since I take St. Johnswort, which has helped with my Well Being a great deal through the Years--that and my Healthy Lifestyle--and I take Natural Seratonin (5HTP-100mg) at my Health Store Mother's Market--I now want to determine how much Seratonin is in me with what I take so I can better determine how much more or less to take.

I usually Trust myself, but I am curious as to how much may be needed to keep me Feeling as Healthy as possible.

Thank you, Julie
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I actually just responded to the thread that ILADVOCATE linked above.  I pretty much just said the same thing as IL did.  :0)  

The best indicator for measuring if a depression treatment is working is to assess the changes in your mood.  
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  Blood tests of serotonin levels can be done for specific medical conditions. However the blood level of serotonin in relation to depression is not fully understand and at thist point there aren't specific tests for it. There are some previous threads on the same topic that might be of helpl in understanding this:
  Only your psychiatirst would be aware of the clinical specifics of this but they can monitor for side effects and interactions with natural remedies using a physician's only database. Also they would be able to access current research through search engines such as PubMed (many articles can only be accessed by medical professionals) to undersand more about what natural remedies might or might not be of help and why.
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