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Should I run away to other place or to chose suicide ?

Have you ever feel that you are the only one reason for all the problems in your family ? I am feeling it since last 2 yr and when I think about it I always feel that I should run away to other place because I have fear of death so as well frightened by suicide also. Need help
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Your thoughts are both very common and also very untrue.  You are not the sole cause for family trouble.  If you need help, call the Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 or text "Montana" to 741741.  Visit https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/.  
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How old are you?  What is your family situation like?  You know you're not that powerful to be the sole reason for anything.  What is it you're going through right now that brought on this kind of thinking?  Have you sought any professional help or seen a counselor?
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19 yr old. Currently in graduation. Actually I don't think about it but they put me in this thinking from one side they always behave like they don't want to give any tension to me on other side they always blame to me for every fault and every situation. Mom and dad say this sometimes (3-4 times monthly) and my siblings blame to me everyday. So I have to think about it.
So I think if I am the reason for such as many problems then I should go away atleast they will enjoy their life
workingdailyExternal User
I am in my 50s, but when I was in my early 20s, my youngest sister told me she never wanted me to come home again because whenever I was there, "it messed up the family." I took that to heart and ran away and was suicidal for years. While I was gone, my mother and sisters' lives did not improve significantly because, of course, I was not the only problem. We all went through counseling individually, and now my family is really close. We all say things we regret later, especially when we are emotional. Our family members still say hurtful things to one another, but we have learned to apologize when we do it, and to not take it to heart when it is done to us. You may never get your family to go to counseling, but you can.
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