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Some Antidepressant Questions - Help Please

Hi! Okay, so I was recently prescribed three medications. I know the Citalopram is a substitute for Celexa and the Celexa is my antidepressant. Just like I was prescribed Trazodone and that is my sleeping pill. BUT this third one I take at night is Risperidone which is the substitute of Risperdal. Can someone PLEASE tell me what Risperdal/Risperidone is for? My doctors were sort of unclear about it and since I was more concerned with getting out of the mental hospital I was in, I forgot to ask them to repeat themselves.

Next question, once again, about the Risperidone. Is there any way possible to cut the hunger side-effects? Or any tips to battle the nausea that it causes? Before this whole medicine nonsense was happening, I was trying to lose weight (safely!) and this hunger pain and headaches are making this goal really difficult. And the nausea is making day to day tasks harder than the depression was making things.

And this is the last round of questions, promise! Its about the Citalopram/Celexa. There is a suit going against Celexa. Since I'm taking the substitute, do I have anything to worry about when it comes to the dangers of taking Celexa?

Help would be greatly appreciated!
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I don't know about the law-suit. The correct term for the relationship between Celexa and Citalopram is not that the Citalopram is a "substitute". It is the "generic" version. Technically, they are the same. One is just usually cheaper to get than the other.
"Celexa" is a name brand produced by a particular drug company.
Risperidone is the generic form of Risperdal. Risperdal is classified as an anti-psychotic.
It's also used as a mood stabilizer. One of it's main side-effects is weight gain--lots of it. It's a strong drug, mainly used to fight psychosis. Namely, delusional thinking and hallucinations. In bipolar disorder, it can help get and keep mood swings on an even keel. But, the fact remains--it's one heck of a strong drug with lots of side-effects. Trazodone is an older med that used to be used as an antidepressant until found not effective for that. It is good for sleep and is a mild drug that doesn't often cause too many problems. I have no experience with Celexa. (I'm bipolar and antidepressants send me into mania, so I can no longer take them.) I've tried almost every antidepressant known to man, but not that one. Sorry. If you use the internet, look up the law-suit and see what you can find out. Good luck, grannymusiclover.
hi im knew here i was addimited to prior partial hosptitalation on  sept 20  i was describing the systms to my doctor hallucanations duluisions and so fourth im 43 i was a victum of gaangstalking due to downfall of a coperation they syc unit was a safe place to stay i camled myself down  i had no one falllowed  i was alos prescribed on prespirdone is this safe i did not take it it still in the pharmacy bag how does this medication make you feel does it knock you out
Side effects of medication should be on an insert in the first prescription you get.  You can also go on the website of the manufacturer, which will have a list of all the known side effects.  There are also many websites that discuss medication and their side effects.  But do know that different people have different reactions to medication, and so a drug might sedate one person and not another.  And some meds are sedating only until you get used to them.  So it's not really possible to tell you for certain what you will experience.  I will say you should have been referred to a psychiatrist by the docs at the hospital, because the way you manage a drug is to take it and then have your own psychiatrist monitor it.  You also need a diagnosis, which you might have, but a regular psychiatrist will see you on a regular basis.  What you are describing sounds like the kind of mental disorder that usually can only be treated with medication, but again, were you not referred to an outpatient psychiatrist?
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Wow! Thank you!!! I don't really care much about the law-suit other than they are saying something about it causing birth-defects. I was just wondering if I should be worried or not if I were to ever start a family, I don't want my antidepressant harming my unborn kid.

ANYWAY! =) Thank you for the information! It was bothering me that I didn't know what that one was for. You were really helpful! Thank you! - wootace
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Risperdal is an anti-psychotic but that doesnt have to mean youre psychotic it can also help with other things like paranoia or exessive worrying etc if you started recently the side effects could still get less on their own.lily
thankyou im also on respidone my medication is still in the pharmacy bag i did not take it i have some paronia as well
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Thank you! C=
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i wonder if it can help you fall alsseep
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