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Suspect Effexor caused Thyroid cysts

I've been on Effexor for about 7 years and was recently diagnosed w/having Thyroid cysts, but need to go to an EMT for an ultrasound to figure out if malignant or benign.   Cysts discovered after neck X-ray from a whip lash accident a few months ago and have had zero pain UNTIL last few days which was about 1.5 wks after my discontinuation of Effexor.  Searching the net is leaving me wishing I hadn't for every answer is different and not what I actually desire to discover.  Oh...I am also extremely irritated lately, but that could be from the d/c or thyroid!  
My question is...I am uninsured, which is why I haven't gotten the ultrasound yet and wonder if there is any way to find a study that I could participate in for an Effexor/thyroid link or any other way to get a check on the things that I'll need now that I'm experiencing some rather uncomfortable pain from this?!
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You don't say why you stopped the Effexor.  Is it because you feel you don't need it now, or did a doctor advise you to stop?

You say you are easily irritated, and this could be due to depression, as it is one of the symptoms.

I have been on Effexor for as long as you, and have not had trouble with cysts, but we are all different.  Do you think they are due to taking Effexor?  Did a doctor tell you this was the case?

If you want to participate in a study, I think you will have to consult a doctor about this.  
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I looked up Effexor in my PDR and thyroid complications are not listed. I would say they are unrelated. As for a study... most studies are done to test a new drug or a new use of a drug. It is extremely unlikely that any study is being done on cysts on thyroid. Perhaps you can go to a free clinic for help.
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