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Thoughts of Suicide and hurting others w/possible halucinations

Hi, I stumbled across this site while searching for information to help a dear friend of mine. My friend has seemed to always struggle with occasional periods of what I think is depression.  There have been numerous instances over the years that he has mentioned suicide.  He has a history of a somewhat violent personality and wants to control those who are closest to him, especially anyone that he is dating.  (Which led to a divorce about 5 years ago)
Today he mentioned again that he was thinking about committing suicide prior to his 32 birthday next month.  He said that life had become overwhelming (but he couldn’t give tangible reasons).  He said that he has been having thoughts of killing or hurting others and at times he feels out of control, as if he won’t be able to control his feelings much longer and may end up hurting someone. He reasoned that killing himself would be better than killing others. He also mentioned that his thoughts are more like “visions”, that he actually sees these visions. Almost as if he’s describing some sort of hallucination. He has also mentioned hearing things as well. I am not sure if these visions and voices are more thoughts or if he is actually having what seems like physical symptoms.
I have encouraged him to seek help. In the meantime I’m desperately searching for any information that may help me to help him. When he discussed the hallucinatory symptoms I wasn’t sure if this could be a symptom of depression. Any advice and or reference to further information would be greatly appreciated.

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No, it is a symptom of either Bipolar or schizophrenia...either way he is reaching out to you for help.  Suicide should be taken seriously and needs to acted upon immediately.  Is your friend under the care of a Psycharist?  Just a suggestion, but, if he were my friend I would waste no time getting him to the ER.  Please don't take what he is saying lightly...please act as soon as possible before he does something to himself.
Do you know any of his family?  Can you contact them and let them know what is going on?  His Doctor?  or just take him to ER..with our without insurance, they will take him where he wil be safe until his condition is under control.
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Hello. If he is suicidal and/or homicidal, he needs immediate help. If he will not go to the ER, call law enforcement to find out about having him involuntarily committed for 72 hours, which is common in most states. He may become angry or upset, but its better than being dead or spending the rest of his life in prison or a mental hospital. I personally know someone who had similar symptoms, and began having delusions that people were demons. He killed 4 people before the police took him down. Not only must he live with the guilt, but he's likely to never leave the psych hospital except on a few hour long pass. There are treatments for conditions such as these, but it might take a bit of outside help to initiate the process. Take care, GM
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suicidal thoughts are either a cry out for help or attention. Either way your friend needs to be seen by a psychiatrist ASAP!
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