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Wellbutrin dosage

I have been on Wellbutrin for about 8 weeks, 6 weeks at 150mg and 2 weeks at 300mg (150mg taken twice a day). It has really helped with my depression, but it makes me severely hyped-up and I can't sleep more than 2-4 hours a night. Does this go away, or is my dosage too high? Would it be safe to take it all in the morning so that the effects calm down before bedtime?
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I dropped back to 150mg just to try and minimize the clenched jaw and insomnia, and although it's only the second such day I do feel a bit better, although I can also tell that it's less effective at fighting depression.

I haven't had a chance to chat with my doctor yet but I have a feeling he'll recommend your suggestion, Nursegirl - stepping up to a pill and a half and seeing if that works rather than taking the big leap up to two pills like that.

Thanks! I hope I can find a balance with this stuff.
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Hello and welcome!

If you just increased your dose 2 weeks ago, it's possible that what you're experiencing are the start-up side effects commonly seen with these kinds of meds, and they may resolve. Just like you can experience some adjustment side effects when you first start a med, the same thing applies when you increase the dose. Personally, I think your increase was a little drastic, and like remar said, Wellbutrin is pretty stimulating, as it affects norepinephrine, which is the same thing as adrenaline.

I definitely wouldn't recommend taking the whole daily dose at once.  If anything, I would imagine that would make the symptoms worse.  Also, remar asks a good question, how did you feel on the 150mg?  You may not have needed to go up as much from there.

I would recommend a few things...one, give it a little more time, as 2 weeks is about the point where the adjustment related side effects usually start subsiding.  Also, talk to your doctor about either decreasing your dose a little, and/or splitting the dose into 3 divided doses rather than 2.  You MAY end up needing the 300mg, but it may have been better to step up more gradually, to minimize side effects.

It could be that a better dosage for you is somewhere in between the 150mg and 300mg.  I would say if the hyped up feeling doesn't start to improve in about another week, then it's time to reassess the situation and maybe make some changes with your doc.

Good luck..keep us updated!
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Wellbutrin is one of the more stimulating antidepressants so I'm not sure these symptoms will go away or not. Can you talk to your Dr about cutting your dose back a little to see if that helps you sleep? How were you doing on 150 mgs? Was your depression getting better and were you able to sleep?
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