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I've been on Wellbutrin for about 30 days and it's helping my depression , anxiety and sadness . BUT ever since this medication I am putting on a lot of weight! I'm so swollen ! I'm probably up 10 pounds. I've thought about switching to something else but I need to be careful because my husband and I have been trying to conceive and mother risk says Wellbutrin is safe but a lot of other ones are not. My depression is mostly likely circumstantial with stress due to things happening in my life . Before Wellbutrin It was so much work to just get my self ready every day and now I do that no problem but now I'm hiding in the house because no clothes fit me and I look really unhealthy and swollen . My stomach is enormous and my feet look like balloons. Anyone experience the same thing?  
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glad to hear that wellbutrin is  working for you. I  just started it yesterday aftertrying so many others.
from what I  read  a lot of people have lost weight on it. I  was worried about that because I  can't afford to lose any.
I have been depressed for so many years I  do hope this one works.
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That is very odd that you're gaining from wellbutrin.  I would certainly talk to your doc about that.  Everyone reacts differently but I haven't heard of weight gain, but weight loss! Wellbutrin completely took away my appetite and made me nauseated so I did end up losing some.  but thankfully that all went away and it has definitely provided me with more energy.  But i too made sure my psych KNEW that I would refuse to take any meds that would even have the potential to make me gain weight.  She put me on Abilify because I needed something more, but I was eerie about taking it cause it has appetite increase and weight gain-not as much as some but it still scared me. I tried It anyway but sure enough I gained so I automatically quit taking it!  All I can really recommend is talking to your doc! Best of luck
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