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What resources are there for me?

This website is obviously one. I am dealing with certain internal issues that I don't understand and want to know what free resources are there available for me to discover what it is I'm going through. Therapy seems to be the right answer but I can't afford therapy. I'm on a fixed income and would like to know what's out there for me in terms of improving my personal mental health specifically in the realm of anxiety and depression.

Thank you.
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I wish I could direct you to the right place, but I don't really know of any free programs.

I have to pay cash for my Psych visits and my meds.

I'm sure there must be some, but that also depends on the area you live in. Many of the free mental health programs that used to exist have been cut due to state and federal budget restrictions.

Seems like they always select mental health programs as the first to be cut.

Do a Google search for local depression and anxiety support groups in your area. Some of them are completly free and meet on a regular basis.
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There are many good self-help books you can get at your local library.  But being on a fixed income you should qualify for some type of aid in this.  Also, try journaling.  Sometimes just by keeping a written record of our thoughts and feelings not only make us feel better, but it can be a great discovery tool about one's self.
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There is ecouch which is information and coping strategies and things. http://ecouch.anu.edu.au/welcome
you may find it helpful, some of the stuff is/was useful for me. also look in the local library. mine has a "bibliotherapy" section (i know terrible name) that has lots of self help books and pschology guides and that way you wont have to buy them and you can try lots.
best luck
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