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What would happen if I took Herbalife Relax Now but im not an adult?

I went in my parents bathroom and there was a pill bottle sitting out. It was Herbalife Relax Now, and I read the information, it said for adult use only. I really want one though because ive been feeling depressed lately. So I took 1 and brang it to my room. Dont tell me not to unless you know the negative effects it could cause on me. Im 14, and incase this matters I am 145 lbs, 5" 9'.
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The only problem with Herbalife is it isn't that good a company, and a relaxant might make you more depressed since it will promote sedation.  And why would you steal something from your parents?  Shouldn't you discuss it with them -- they might be able to help you.  Taking any herbal combination can be tricky, because we don't know what else you're taking or what other health problems you have.  
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Never take anything, whether it's herbal, or any type of medication without speaking to your parents.  You are too young to be putting these things into your body, and even so called "natural" and herbal products can have a very serious affect on you.  You need to speak with someone about how you are feeling, not try and take something that may harm you.  You're headed for trouble in stealing medications and then taking them.  I don't feel you really want to do this or you would not have written to us.  We cannot say what it will do to you, only that you are too young to be doing what you are doing.  Please talk to someone so that you can stop feeling and acting this way.
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