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What's the quickest way to lower dose of Effexor?

I'm 35, been on and of Effexor about 9 years about years. Started taking 75mg Went off of it cold turkey after a year or so. Don't really remember the side effects from that one. Went back on it about 5 years ago for Anxiety, 75mgs. Then mom died and I went one one 150mgs, then I left my husband and started taking 300mgs!!! Now I'm feel good... I need to lower my dose...I been trying to cut back to every couple days, sometimes I just been forgetting to take them till the withdrawl hits. Horrible. Horrible withdrawl effects That don't go away till you take more and let the time release slowly be put back into system. I need off of these or at least down to a lower dose. 150mg or even 75mg, I know I Effexor helps me with my anxiety but I don't feel I need so much anymore now that life is settled and things are going great! But holy hell? Why can't I get off of the 300mg? Tried 300-150-300-150 and I was still getting brain zaps.
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This is one of the most difficult medications to stop taking, so there is no quick way.  There is only your way, which is tapering off slowly under a psychiatrist's care at the speed which suits you since your experience will be different than someone else's.  Be safe with this drug.
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