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Why are Things So Complicated? I feel so Overwhelmed! Is this Normal?

Why does it feel like no matter if you are a good person or not, bad things still keep happening to you. no matter how "good" of a person you are..
All I wanted was this $10 bicycle trailer for my kids because we cant afford the brand new nice $200 ones. But she sold it befor i could get it!! You could say... are you really crying over loosing a bike trailer? But maybe the bike trailer is just the top of the cup that tips the whole glass over, Like first we loose the job, then the money, then the house, about the loose the car were renting and be down to one car witch my husband will have to take to work at a job that pays him $6 less and hour than the last job so I will have no car at home, and my daughter will have to drop out of school for the rest of the year (we live in a small town with no bus system and the school is way to far to walk) AND on top of that.... I now lost the bicylce trailer, my only affordable hope for getting my children back and forth places with out a car. LOOSE loose loose :-( I just dont get it.
Im sad today. Im feel like im having a hard time dealing with everything, today. I have a history (as a teenager) of depression, which i took meds for until i was 18, i have been fine,( well you know.. dealing and managing as you do with the "depression" tendancy) ever since. But everytime I say anything to my mom she suggests that I get back on Meds, I feel ive done very well, For the Most Part: sometimes sad, sometimes irritated, sometimes i feel sluggish but most of I feel often overwhelmed. is this just alot to be going on right now? and any suggestions as to how to deal?  Thankyou!
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you can't just sit and wonder why bad things happen to good people.
i feel like im a good person and nothing i try to do ever works out right. ever.
i really dont know what to tell you.
every job i have ever had laid off after 3 weeks.
luck just isn't part of the combo i suppose.

my advice: start being a bad person. they get cool **** all the time. be a rapper.
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Hey 3Babys679.

Here's a link to "Courage" :  http://www.meetjustin.org/    Select 1st video to the left.
(sorry the link doesn't open directly the video)
Justin Hines was born with a very disabling joint disorder.
I met him a couple weeks ago after his concert. Disabled? You judge.

Yeah, sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. There is reason for everything.
Any thoughts? (This goes deeper than the eye can see!)
"Goodness" or "badness" are irrelevant. At the end there's only good.
Post again soon. I'll reply promptly.

blessings to you, your family and metalman999

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It seems my entire life I've had the "luck" you described. Nothing ever goes my way and everything I ever got in life I had to get it the hard way. It hardly seemed fair...I was a good person, so why were all these crappy thing happening to me over and over? How come I couldn't catch a break? My parents had the same rotten luck as did my grandparents. As though there was a curse on my family and we were destined to live life on the losing end.

However, when you take a real hard look at your life, you can see where most of our choices have brought us to where we are. We are creatures of habit, and we don't often realize that we are indeed making the same mistakes in life, even if it's just our way of thinking. If you've accepted the idea that nothing ever goes your way and it's always going to be like this, then it probably will.

It all starts with your outlook. Many of us tend to take inventory of our life and while doing so, we list all of the things that we "don't" have. We list all of our losses and defeats while overlooking the victories and blessings.

Try listing all of the things you do have, with the most basic and general things we take for granted.

- You live in a free and civilized country that isn't torn by war, natural disaster, famine and starvation, or disease. You have access to clean supermarkets, health care, schools, transportation, and shopping malls. In this first example I just provided you are ahead of at least half the world's population in terms of quality of life. The world's population is approximately 6 billion people. There are easiliy 3 billion people on this planet that would gladly trade places with you.

- You have healthy children who you get to live with and be with every day. You aren't deployed away from family for a year in some combat zone, you aren't in prison, you aren't forced to live far apart in order to put food on the table. They don't have any horrible diseases or handicaps, and they live in a loving home. Now add about another 2 billion people to the other 3 billion who would gladly trade places with you.

So far, you're doing better than about 5 billion people around the world. Not too shabby.

I know that doesn't make your life any easier, nor does it erase the fact that you and your husband are in a rut right now. It's frustrating to lose these small battles which only remind you of the bigger struggles you are faced with. I know how you feel. I grew up poor and faced similar struggles all the way through my 20's and into my 30's. It can really wear you down.

With a history of depression you need to find a way to (a) change your way of thinking and (b) set some short and long term goals for yourself and your family and pursue them. Set up some achievable (realistic) goals on a short term basis, and perhaps you'll start to feel some sense of accomplishment and satisfaction upon reaching those goals.

Use this time as an opportunity to really bond with your children, read to them, play games with them, let them cook with you or teach them something new each day...it will pay off later. Everything you do now is an investment for later.

For yourself, you have to find something to fulfill your life too. Being home all day with kids is no picnic, and you need to make some time for yourself. Even if it's just closing a door for an hour a day so you can unwind--read a magazine, have some tea or coffee and maybe keep a journal and make entries while you have some time to yourself. Remind yourself of what you "have", and realize that you have so much of life ahead of you and eventually you'll be able to put these dark days in your rearview mirror.

I'll wrap this way too long post up with one last thought. Don't assume that the person walking down the street with a big happy smile on his face has lived a life free of heartache and challenges. You never know what the person next to you has been through. Some hide it better than others. Be kind to everyone, because you just don't know what they are going through.
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Come on , go on ebay !!!

Look for another one, take the punch and get up.

That is what I do, I bet there is a better one out there, put an add in a baby group or paper and ask does anyone have one they want to give away ??

Wait and see, I got many things like this and give many things away as well.  Let us know when you get one, I am sure you will !!!!  Just get onto it mate  (hugs)

Take the depression meds if you need them, it is a reality of life and if they work well and good !
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Thanks Everyone! Really! really gave me some other views on things, and ways to see things. Yeah, I know Im Way better off than Alot of people in the world. I guess it is just like that Blow after blow and taking hit after hit, Im sure alot of people go through.

metalman999, thanks you really made me smile :-) Thanks Niko- something to think about.
To rls27- Thanks alot, no it want too long, you really gave me alot to conisider and reminded of things that are really blessings, It was very relatable. Thanks so much for taking the time. Therese83- Thanks ;-) Lol, im on it.

It was nice to see this today. Especially after my husband comes home last night and sais he Lost $100!! (our last $100, our insurance payment!) and then this morning he locks his keys in the car and is an Hour late to work! OHHH!!

Thanks For the Uplifting! I really need it sometimes!
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I have had terrible things happening to me for 5 years now..

Things did not really start turning around for me until I got my life back together and started attending church regularly.

I don't normally bring religion into a post, but I can't deny my observations :)

Oh, as a side note its best to stay on the anti-depressants.. if it gets to be too much for you. I take them myself, I would be suffering without them. Since you are struggling with money, I recommend when you do get a prescription, if no generic is available get the international generic equivilent from Canada -- never had any problems with generic drugs.
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