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Why do I feel like I’m in a dream??

So about 5-6 years ago I slipped on a hardwood floor and hit my head. After that the whole night seemed like it wasn’t real. And now it just happens randomly. I just feel like it’s a dream and that it’s not happening. Whenever it happens I get very anxious and panicked. It hadn’t happened in a while until tonight it happened twice. Why does this happen?
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Wish anyone on here could tell you, but your situation is a lot different than someone suffering with depression.  It's understandable you'd get nervous about this happening, but it doesn't seem to be a chronic mental illness, but something directly related to something that happened to you.  I'd say there are two possibilities, though.  The first is that you suffered a concussion or some other brain trauma and some wires got crossed.  That's a problem probably for a neurologist.  The second is, we all have a wide array of thoughts and feelings, including sometimes thinking things are a bit unreal.  For most people it's just normal weirdness, but for you it might be that when it happens it reminds you of when you were hurt and scared and your brain starts replaying those feelings.  That's often how people get chronic anxiety -- they get a panic attack, say, and it's just one time over one thing, but for some reason some of us are prone to replaying those feelings every time we feel things that are like what we felt during that one panic attack, which can trigger chronic ones.  Can't tell you which category you fall into, though.
That makes sense. Thank you. I’m going to probably talk to my doctor about this
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