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Why do I think up of scenarios that will never happen?

Okay, ever since I was little maybe 3rd grade, I have had serious intense day dreams. It would mostly be with music, of me dreaming of singing and being famous. Or being a famous dancer and I would memorize dance routines and then imagine myself doing it. Or recently being a cheerleader and came up with a whole routine to a song. Or being a comedian and imagine myself doing a comedy act to bo burnam. I don't know why I have always done this, like I'm not happy with myself. And I can't go a day without listening to music and imagining this life that I will never have. I usually feel the need to after I go on Instagram or look at snapchat stories. I don't know if it's normal or not. And sometimes I dream of horrible things. Like me getting cancer or my mom getting into a car wreck. That would be usually when I'm in the shower, and after a while I just start crying and scare myself. I have never told anyone about my weird imaginations, I always thought they would freak people out. Like "yeah I imagine that sometimes I wrote the song bad blood and that I'm that famous and make my own music videos in my head that are so vivid. And that I go to interviews where I talk to Ellen about my life." It just seems so weird but necessary in my life. I also imagine listening to music with friends or partying, it all depends on the mood I'm in. Or having a full on conversation with someone, I can imagine every word that me and someone else would say. Every movement. If I'm ever alone or walking somewhere I'm thinking of some scenario in my head. I'm never just living. I've even imagined talking to someone about this problem. I just don't understand. I don't think it's normal to feel the need to listen to music and pretend to be something I'm clearly not, or to dream of things that I could do while I sit in my empty room and do nothing. And I don't know if other people think about these things because I've never ever told anyone about this. What's wrong with me?
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If nobody thought like that nobody would ever become a musician or a writer or an artist.  It just means you have an intense interest in the things you do.  It might be difficult to be like that, but it also means you're probably going to be very good at whatever you decide to do.
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I have these problems to their fun at some times and could be aggregating often its like I want to do it and not do it
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Hopefully you come back to this and want to talk about it.. cuz here i go haha

You kind of just sound bored... Doesn't SOUND like anything is "wrong" with you. that whole sentence sounds rude and i dont mean for it to. If you like to exercise you should go to some group sessions where someone is constantly talking or instructing. Or really anything that has to do with social interaction. Especially if the thought of that scares you or gets you to thinking "omg what if this person is there and then i look so dumb because i really have no idea what im doing and " or anything of the sort.
you said it yourself, youre not really living. stop thinking! just KNOW, then DO,
go to sleep listening to binural beats on youtube. you dont have to use headphones like they tell you to as long as you dont have a cheap phone with poor sound quality. Anyone could benefit from listening tbh.
Awaken your paneal gland.. suonds like it could be calling (: Google it, get reeeal into it.  
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I'm exactly like that I imagine whole conversations and interviews scenarios that will never exist I can't help but think about it I exactly imagine the things as you do I'm quite relieved tbh because I found someone just like my case I never tell anyone but I feel like I'm not living at all like I'm ruining my life
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I do the exact same thing. I never thought someone else would have a similar experience. I’m trying to stop, or at least not do it as much, but it’s a constant thing I do. I feel like it’s because I’m tired of what my life is and I want something more interesting. But I really do t know what to do at this point. I feel like I’m wasting precious time wishing for something that will never happen. I’ve never told anyone these things before and it’s hard to put into words. I can completely relate to your situation and I really don’t know what to do to help myself at this point.
Do you think you do it to try to decompress or distance yourself from reality?
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I know it has been a long time since you asked this question, but I wanted to answer it in case you need a helping hand. Truth be told, you have described a lot of the things I do. I find it hard to believe the amount of similarities that is in my situation and yours.

We imagine stuff because we aren’t happy with ourselves. I know there are some people who responded saying it might be what you want to do in life, so follow that. It isn’t an ambition. The feeling is the need to be recognised by the people around us. We seek that attention. But at the end of the day, this is sad because it is a fantasy, a small imaginary world we create for ourself to feel better. I used to listen to songs in late nights and imagine in situations. After some days, it got worse when I could be in that fantasy for hours. It is an addictive thing. Once your mind finds happiness in it, it seeks it every time. The best thing to do is snap out of it. Make yourself sleep early. Don’t put yourself in the situations that lead to it.

Rule 1: Don’t snap out suddenly. Reduce it to less time and then gradually stop the fantasy world.

Rule 2: Keep yourself engaged. Often we do this because we are bored.

Rule 3: ( most important) Learn to control your emotions. Read up on emotional intelligence. We imagine stuff because we are unhappy with the reality. The thing is we feel people around us hate us, but it is not true. We don’t like ourselves enough. Love yourself and be emotionally strong. Don’t feel bad for small things. Constantly motivate yourself and self appreciate.

Bonus:  Having a diary to jot down your thoughts and your progress

All the best, don’t worry! You will get through this :)
You realize you're basically saying nobody should use their imagination.  I realize this poster was afraid of her own thinking, which is what happens to anxious people going through a bad time, but your response is a bit troubling to me because it is what authoritarian systems whether political or religious do to get people to be sheep and not think for themselves.  Yeah, people get bored, but people do think all the time.  Controlling emotions if they are too potent is a good thing; controlling them too much makes you a sociopath.  There have been several people over the years come on here who are afraid of their own thoughts when those thoughts are the stuff of human imagination.  Some of us have vivid imaginations which makes us intensely creative if we aren't afraid of it but can indeed drive us nuts if we do become afraid of it.  I'm just concerned about people feeling they have to be automatons, without creative thought we wouldn't have these computers we're communicating on.  We wouldn't have tamed fire or harnessed the wheel.  Imagination is always there. it's what you do with it that makes it scary or wonderful.  
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