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agitated depression

I have a lot of problems, first I have this thing where I avoid everything, like phone calls, I always feel like they are intrusive and the person is going to want me to do something stressful like drive two hours to visit them. I am in poverty and I work all day trying to make money, I sell antiques on the internet. Second problem is I don't like to interacting with people or speaking, I get very awkward and they always give me this weird look. All these problems cause me to get very agitated.
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Did you try a psychologist and get a diagnosis?

I don't know if your personality, as it can be with mood disorder such as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), is causing the depression or what else...

I would start with a mental health professional.

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I hate telephone calls, absolutely.
Just when you are sitting there being creative or thinking or relaxing or yes having a down moment or a bad mood (we are all human) then.......I don't pick up.

What i am saying is you have to accept aspects of yourself !  Especially creative talented people are different.  Don't beat yourself up.

I have 4 kids, I say "Ah don't pick up"  or if you do tell them Mommy is walking the dog and will ring you back later.

What is wrong with that, not hurting anyone, finding time and space for ourselves LOL ;-)

I wish you very much luck with your business.  We try it here, me and my oldest daughter, all kinds of ideas, but i am lucky i have a full time job to fall back on.  It is not easy to sell the Jewelry, people want it for nothing , when we have made many try outs and spent hours.  But self expression has got to be valued !
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thanks for the responses, its good to know other people feel the same as me.  i was diagnosed with GAD, i don't really like my psychiatrist, i have no insurance so i am stuck with her.  she is very rude and doesn't listen to anything i have to say, she is like a robot, she kept asking me these stupid questions, like she memorized from a text book.  i am amazed she has a Ph.D to practice.
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