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at first im sorry im embarrassing you. i have wrote here so many times and thank you for all your advice.im just wonder to know is there anyone who feel weird for this world and ask himself for questions that have not an answer!!!!!!
have you ask your self things like''why we live?.how does universe works?,why exist sun or moon?,why does trees grow up?,how does animals communicate tu each - other?
are you anytime weird when you look your face at the mirror and see that unknown person for you,or have you ever see your parents in their faces and ask yourself''who are they ''?or what i am doing in this world????

i think and ask my self for all those things and im focused all the time ,so am i insane?or i am going on??
oh God we live in such a mister world and how can be quite if we dont know the reason of living here?so whats the point of living?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi again dear.

Your posts always ask the same questions over and over,but yet you never tell us what you're doing to help yourself.  Have you taken any of our advice?  We've given you a lot of it.  Are you still taking your meds?  Have you told your doctor you aren't feeling any better?

We've already told you, a bunch of times that we have been where you are.  Remember the long PM I sent you, sharing my past with you, and the struggles I had with panic?  You were inspired.

You keep wanting reassurance that you're not crazy, of course you're not.  We've told you that too.  We can keep telling you over and over that, YES, indeed we know what you are going through, but those answers only make you feel better for a short time.  YOU have to take the bull by the horns and do whatever it takes to get better.  You have to fight, not just sit around and keep yourself stuck in these thoughts.

Only YOU can help yourself, hon.
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Why would you think it was embarrassing people posting here a lot, its what is for. But, i know where your coming from, everybody does. Im still very confused about life. I would love to have understanding of it, to know whywe exist. But life on  earth is a cycle, were born, we live we die. New life comes, old life leaves.somethings werent meant to be understood, and i think thats the case here. I dont think scientists even know exactly what they got on there plate when it comes to unlocking the mysteries of life. Even they dont understand to some extent. So whats the point of living? That answer rests on your shoulders, and your shoulders only. It depends on how you chose to live your life, only you can make your life worth living. Only you can discover your point of being here. If we werent meant to be here then we truly wouldnt. Life is a journey with all kinds of twists and turns. But we all are cut out for this journey, we just need to know deep down that we have the strength. Failure to believe in yourself gets you know where. You have to fight, like nurse girl said, take the bull by the horns! We all believe in you, its time to have some faith in yourself! Xoxoxoxo
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i personally had to turn to God & go back to church to start getting some of those same questions anwsered for me.  They are very good questions, and i am like you, I tend to think very deep about EVERYTHING.  I dont think there is anything wrong with that, but I do think eventually you need to find balance with it all, especially if it affects your day to day life. There is a purpose for your life, but only you can decide what  it is.
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You are WISE beyond your years, sweetie.  EXCELLENT post!!!

Everyone else:
People prone to anxiety and depression tend to be deep thinkers, which, for the average person, is no big deal.  Anxious people take it to an unhealthy level.

There will be a LOT of things in your life you will NEVER have answers to, and while that may be hard, scary and frustrating, as you grow and mature, you will learn to be accepting of that.  You will learn that sometimes there just isn't an answer, and that's okay.

I had a late term miscarriage that was devastating.  I drove myself nuts for almost a full year, trying to figure out "why".  I put myself through all kinds of expensive and painful medical procedures, and still never got an answer.  It took me a while before I could accept that there just wasn't an answer anyone could give.  Life is always going to hand you circumstances you don't understand, and weren't meant to understand.  

Life will always be full of mysteries, and theories, but that's also what makes life so interesting, and what makes people tick.  What would there be to talk about at dinner parties if we knew about life after death?  Or ghosts?  Aliens?  See what I mean?  

You just need to learn how to walk away from these kinds of thoughts after a while.  You're thinking yourself into a frenzy, which of course, is typical of anxiety.  Even if God himself answered all of your "why" questions right now, you'd formulate new ones.
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You know what, akitagurl made me think of somerthing, and maybe this will benefit you, armira.

I have always been envious of people with a deep sense of religion and God.  Myself, my faith wavers.  People with strong faith find so much comfort in God, and are much more accepting of situations where there is not an answer.  They put it in God's hands, they'll say "it's God's way".  People without religion struggle much more with those situations.

As a nurse, I've watched many people dying and actually die.  I can tell you that those with a strong faith are much more peaceful, much less afraid.  Maybe, armira, you should turn to one of your local churches for some guidance and support.  Maybe if you built up a stronger belief in religion and God, you'd find some more comfort.  I'm not usually one to recommend a lot of religous intervention, but that's only because MY faith isn't always that strong.  People with a strong faith are generally much more content with what life has to offer.

Something to think about, since you've not had much luck finding peace at this point.
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Thank you nursegirl! And I definitely agree! I have always had faith in God and a lot of times it has brought comfort having that faith. Through God, we are stronger.
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Thank you nursegirl! And I definitely agree! I have always had faith in God and a lot of times it has brought comfort having that faith. Through God, we are stronger.
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Sorry for the double comment!I agree that you should try asking God for his guidance! It is so worth it!!! Give it ago you just might find it to be the best thing you have done! Take care of yourself!
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thank you again.about religion,i believe in God and im a Muslim,i pray 5 times a day,and read the Qur'an   and i agree with everything God....However, im thinking for things so deeply and i don't want that.I mean my thoughts are just running in my head and jump from one to other thing with so much weirdness of everything.i cant control my thoughts because they are so obsessive.About meds,yes im taking all,but nothing seems to help  me :( ,,,Im reading books for self confidence and for thinking positive,,,but i cant concentrate because my mind its really ruin place.And yes im fighting,my biggest fight is that im not suicide (which i want to),so im fighting with all my soul to stay in this wonder world and stay alive even i dont want to.
I start thinking that''normal people''aren't normal just acct just like i do.Im a fake person with a fake smile,seeing my destroyed life and have nothing to do for it,just wait for a miracle but im hopeless.

So here i am,in the middle of this damned cycle ,im cursed and trying to fight alone in this mess and with all the world in front of me,so guess which one is strongest?

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If you're still feeling that bad, and not getting any better, you need to communicate that to your doctor.
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