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bupropion XL vs SR help

A few months ago i went to my doctor to talk about depression, my depression is very physical in that I can and have slept for over 30 hours, and still wake up exhausted. exhaustion, lack of motivation, like the most held down depression can make you. So she said that wellbutrin is good for depressives with sleep issues. I started out on 150 mg XL once a day and it didnt really do much, so she doubled the dosage to 300 mg XL once a day, and that gave me SEVERE side effects, horrible head pain. I almost went to the hospital, but to be honest, I was desperate for help so I kept taking it. except instead of taking it once a day, i broke it in half and took it twice a day at least 12 hours apart, if not more. The pills kept crumbling so i asked for 60 150mg XL pills because i had read that XL works better than SR. Thats the only reason i wanted to change them, because they were crumbling but wellbutrin was a god send. I can sleep 8 hours and actually be awake and refreshed, I shower everyday and wear clean clothes, after years of living as a hoarder i've had my room spotless clean for weeks and i even started drawing again (I havent drawn in 11 years.) it was a godsend. i was flying and i felt like i could finally have a normal life. but she basically said that the reason they were breaking is because they have a time release coating and yada yada so she switched me to 150 mgs SR twice a day. I was kind of heartbroken because i have read SR isnt as good and i'm so scared of going back to where i was, ive been crying about it. I've only been on the SR for three days and i can already see my progress fading. I wake up tired and don't want to move and my rooms already getting bad. I havent showered. i'm scared. but shes not the kind of doctor that makes you feel comfortable talking about these things and she wont give me the XL back i dont think (even if i have to break them in half i'd do that again if i could feel how i felt before this.) I'm also getting side effects, my heads starting to hurt and i'm getting motion sick. my mom said that i should go to another doctor she likes to get my prescription back, so i'm going to try that monday because i'm so scared to go back to how i was. anyone with depression understands how scary it is to go back.
I guess my question is, even if i'm taking 300 mg XL "wrong", but its WORKING, is it really that bad? i'm so heartbroken. i want to go back to my old medicine so bad.
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