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death of a child

May 21st 2008 my beautiful 17 yr old daughter died. still doesent seem real. unable to breath without her, affraid to be here without her.cant remember anything about that day. nightmares alot.... when i woke up she was lying beside me not breathing. i gave her cpr but she was already gone, if i would have just woke up earlier? doc said she passed in her sleep
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My dear, I cannot imagine such a painful loss! Bless your sweet heart!!
I am here if you ever need someone to talk to!
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You might want to check out the bereavement groups in your area, there are people going through the loss of a child just like you - being with kindred spirits will sure help you. I would also suggest you see your family doctor, so that s/he can assess if you need follow through with a specialist.  I'm sorry for your loss, but you can feel better then you have been.
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i'm very sorry for your loss. there is nothing on this earth that can take the pain out of what you've experienced. i won't pretend to understand how you feel, but i do recommend finding people you can talk to. don't shut the world out. that doesn't make anything easier.
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Hi.  So sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful daughter.  I, too, have lost a child  In Dec. of 1997, my 19 year son was shot and killed by gang members.  I am very involved with a group who helps others who have lost loved ones, not just children, to violence.  You may want to check out Compassionate Friends.  They are a national org. that works with parents who have lost children to any means.  I am involved with Parents Of Murdered Children, but CF is a great group.  I was involved with them, before I found POMC.  Talking and being with others in the same situation really helped my family.  God bless  Sue
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