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feel tired all the time

Will i ever stop feeling tired all the time i'm taking venlafaxine xr pro longed 75mg in the morning and 75mg in the evening. i have been on them 7 weeks tomorrow was just wondering if these are the signs that they may be starting to work and will go away or will i feel like this all the time i'm on them. anyone with any info it would help thanks
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Just posted re your 'change of meds' Now I know what med you're on I can relate better. I am currently dropping from 150mg daily, in one capsule at b'fast time. I too am very tired most of the time, but it doesn't prevent me taking part in endurance events & being a regular runner/cyclist etc. All drugs have side effects, everything you swallow's poison, it only depends on the dose. If you want the benefits then the unwanted side effects must be accepted. Venlafax. does take a while to click in & make you feel better, but at 7 weeks you should by now notice some benefits?There are no hard & fast rules about 'how long it takes to work', my experience is that it can take up to 10 weeks before feeling good again. With 3 children you've got enough to make you tired, so don't push yourself too hard. Do your best to relax & feel good. Good Luck.
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I'm sorry to tell you this but it is in deed venlafluxine sedating you, i was on 75 mg's and then they upped it to 150 mg's and I have lost years of my life. In total I was on them 9
years and i am now off them thank god.
Be warned this tablets are evil, terrible to get off, I came off because of my Dr's error but
I now have a new life were I am not in bed all the time and the anxiety that I got with them has gone how good is that.
If you want to chat add me as a friend.
Take care
Lorraine xx
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I don't know how gofio does it, but ever since I have been on Effexor/Venlafexanine, I have noticed a serious decrease in my energy level.  I used to work out all the time, run/swim/lift weights. But have almost stopped working out completely ever since I've been on it.  I still have interest in these things, but no motivation to get myself up to actually do them, I usually end up taking a nap instead :(  Getting myself to workout while being on this med is a challenge!  Its not until just recently that I joined the gym with my sister, and it is TOUGH getting myself to go.  Having her as my workout buddy helps push me to get my workout clothes on and get to the gym.  Just getting to the gym is half the challenge.  Whenever I workout, I frequently feel like I want to stop and rest, but because there are people around me watching I force myself to continue.  After awhile it seems I overcome a hurdle and am able to obtain some energy that makes me want to keep working out.  But I really have to push myself in the beginning to get over that hurdle.
My suggestion is to set small goals. When I go to the gym, I start off by just telling myself I'm going to complete one thing at a time. Whether it be 10 minutes on the eliptical or swimming 4 laps.  Once I complete that task, I can set another small goal to complete.  Don't overwhelm yourself.
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