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going to rehab tomorrow afraid of depression

I am going to a rehab tomorrow to get off oxyconten, percoset and valium which I have been on for a year and a half due to pain (pudental neuropathy).  They cannot give me a nerve block until I am off all pain meds. I suffer from depression, and i have been to rehabs for painkiller addictions before. Being away from my family brings on the depression, and I am already crying, and I am not even there.  I cry constantly for the first two weeks until I make some friends which takes me about two weeks when new people start coming in, the old people who knew eachother before I got there leave, and the physical withdrawal is over.  So , for two weeks at least I suffer from major depression.  it has gotten much worse since my ex husband left me.  Although i am remarried, and love my new husband and hate my ex husbad, my fears of abandonment bringing on depression have worsened. If my husband doesn't come home for a few hours, i start crying. thinking he has left me like husband one or has been hurt somewhere.  I feel the depression coming on and want to back out of the rehab, but it is the rehab or I will probably die from taking too many pills for pain. Can anyone offer me any suggestions on how to control the depression so all the people there don't think I am a nut case and ignore me like they usually do.  People tend to look for happy outgoing people-not people who can't stop lying on the bed and crying all day and all night.  Any suggestions? Krisssy
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Hey Krissy, Its LA.....
I see you've experienced some loss and that can be tramatizing to ones mental health.  Congratulations on your new marriage btw....just remember that no matter what you decide to do, the man that loves you will be there for you, when you go in, while your there and when you come out.  It sounds like you need to talk to someone about your fears of loss.  Co-dependency came to mind when i read that but i could be wrong and it can be unhealthy to a certain degree.  Were all, in one way or another, co-dependent (or just want to know were loved) but to what degree.  Your loved by people that know you, don't know you and that will come to know you.  Your depression can stem from the withdrawal of the substances that cause addiction and then coupled with the fears of loss doesn't make it any easier.  Going into a Rehab is not always a bad idea.  Don't be afraid, give it a chance.  Everyday is a gift and your a gift to someone else.  Its a blessing.  I'll be thinking of you and I truly wish you all the best of what is to come.

Hang in there
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Do you think your depression is from withdrawal?  Will they not prescribe an antidepressant for you?  You are doing the best thing you could ever do for yourself by going to rehab....just remember that.  The depression is only temporary but your healing and sobriety will free you for a life time.  I am proud and happy for you..
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