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In November I ended up in the ER with heart palpitations. After various tests, they couldn't find anything wrong and said I'm fine. (I'm 36 with no previous health conditions). I saw a cardiologist in December and he said the palpitations are premature beats that everyone has and it's benign. I still have heart palpitations daily. I'm getting a second opinion next week because I felt the first cardiologist brushed me off and the palpitations are bothersome to me.

About 3 weeks after being in the ER I developed headaches. I basically had a headache every day from about Mid December through the end of February. I was convinced I had a brain tumor and saw a neurologist. (I was full of anxiety and crying on my husband's shoulder every night). My MRI was fine, thank goodness. The neurologist diagnosed me with tension headaches and sent me for physical therapy.

I had a few weeks in March where I barely had any headaches but now they're back and I'm a mess. I burst into tears over the littlest things throughout the day. I don't want to leave my house. The thought of going to work fills me with dread and I cry as I'm driving there every morning. I've used up all my sick days already. I'm getting all sorts of little pinchy pains all over my body and I'm certain there's something wrong with me. A little pain in my chest? Heart attack. A pain in my leg? Blood clot. Left shoulder hurts? Heart attack. (Plus the heart palpitations? Ugh!) On and on...

I saw a psychiatrist for the first time ever last week and she prescribed a low dose of klonopin 1x a day and xanax as needed (I actually have been using xanax for a few weeks already, prescribed by my primary doctor). Is this going to help with depression? I feel like I'm having a major depressive episode on top of anxiety.  This is so unlike me and I'm scared and tired of feeling this way. I will see the psychiatrist again next week, so I can bring it up with her then.
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I can only speak from my experience, I am prescribed ativan, kilonopin, and we are working on the anti deppresent right now. So far. I'm on my fifth one.  The Ativan and kilonopin are extremely helpful with the anxiety but in my case make the depression worse. That's why they are usually paired with anti depressants. I wouldnt be able to function in life without these meds because they help with my panic attacks. I was in the ER like you unable to breathe, heart palps, shakes ect. I almost lost my job.   So as for now I will continue with these ...I just worry about dependency issues.

Hang in there keep us posted
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I will see my therapist again tomorrow, and I want to ask her about an anti depressant. The klonopin seems to be helping with anxiety but I still find myself on the verge of tears sometimes and I don't even know why!

And yeah, I walked out of my job on Friday and my boss told me to take a few days off. It's been rough....
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