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i am back and so glad to hear from my friends

my depression is better.  but i have a eating problem the thought of food makes me sick.  my niece works nights at walmarts.  then sleeps all day and her day off.  i am more lonely than ever.  does this eating problem go along  with depression.i sleep most of the time until noght then i cant sleep.  my niece and her boys are coming for thanksgiving. .the boys are 7years and 11 months old.  i love them so much..  mandy876
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Great! I'm so glad you got some Boost drinks. Try to drink at least 4 a day to keep up your strength.
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Hi! And welcome back. Yes, depression can cause some people to have no apatite. You need nutrition though so I'll recommend something Like Boost or Ensure again. You can drink several of these a day.
I'm so glad you're having company for Thanksgiving. That's wonderful.
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hi i am so glad to hear from you.  it is good to be back.  how are you doing  i have a bunch of catching up.  a lot of new people in here.   talk more later.  mandy876
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Hello mandy876,
Glad to hear that your depression is better, you are still having an issue with it I see because of you saying that the thought of food is making you feel sick.

Depression can affect people in different ways.  Some people will turn to food for comfort and others will be turned off food altogether.  Stress and anxiety have a lot to do with it too.

If you are sleeping in the day, then this can disrupt your sleeping pattern at night time.  

Your niece has to sleep in the day because of her night time shift work.

Try and find some hobbies or go for short walks every day to get your mind from stagnating and wanting to drop off to sleep.  Easier said than done I know.  If you are taking your antidepressants in the mornings these could be making you drowsy and wanting to sleep in the day time.

Speak with your doctor with regard to taking your antidepressant medications in the early evening, so that they can "kick" in and get you drowsy at night time so that you will be able to get a good night's sleep.

Another reason for going off your food and being tired and sleeping a lot is being anaemic.  Discuss the problem with your doctor, who may decide to check your blood for anaemia.

Take care and best wishes Charlene.
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I received a private message from you remar.

Your settings are set to not receive messages or for whatever reason I am being blocked from sending you a message or a note.  I have tried a few times, even when I know that you are on line.

Best wishes.
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i will  try to write you again 3rd  try  i sie patio and play with te cats.  my computer keeps freezing up.    go     love chacha
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i have everything unblocked.  i put everyone on everything
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Hi Charlene. Eat some vegatables. Make sure you are drinking enough water
You need strength. This is another reason for feeling like being in bed w no energy. No nutrition = no energy. I'm guilty of this too. It's good to remind each other. Pamela
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thank you i am drinking my boost drinks.  suppose to give me vitamins and stuff.  nce to meet you.  mandy876
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I'm so sorry Jemma. I forgot I have my page set to private. I'll send you a friend request.
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