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i was molested by my step father and my mother testified on his behalf...

i was molested from the time i was 4 until i was 17 by my stepfather, intercourse didnt start until i was 14. this has had a dramatic outcome on my life. my mother sided with my stepfather when i finally took him to court so i havent talked to her or any of my family since i was 17. im 26 now and i just had my son four months ago. when they took me from my stepfather i went to live in foster homes. i lved in 3 over the course of a year. in my first foster home my foster dad tried to touch me, in the third one i was raped. i try to get over these things but its had such an impact im kind of scared that i might have some mental disorders because of the trauma ive endured. i did go to counselling when i was 17 but it didnt help. these problems pose a threat in keeping a job and living day to day life im just curious to see if i might be eligible for ssi disability. i tried to look up if i could sue for restitution but im not sure if i can. i dont know how to get over all the things ive been through its really starting to get had for me. and for right now my main goal in life is to be able to take care of my son he is my life, im not sure what to do..
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  A traumatic experience such as that can impact on a person's life and can sometimes cause permanent mental changes. However what Social Security focuses on is whether a person is diagnosed by a psychiatrist and generally taking medication. It might be worthwhile to see a therapist again and if they feel its needed a psychiatrist.  At that point they could provide an informed decision as to eligibility for Social Security if you would be in need of it. Information as regards questions about Social Security is on ssa.gov that you could discuss with who was following up with these concerns.
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I am in TEARS because NO ONE deserves to go threw what u have been threw. What does not kill us will only make us stronger. Do NOT let the inhuman things those dirty ***** done define the beautiful woman u have become. Our past is just a reminder of what we dont want and just pushes us to do better. I am sending love hugs and prayer your way. P.S i have more in common with u then i would share on this forum but i will tell u that u r brave for telling your story because u may have changed someones life by sharing what u went threw. Its because of strong women like u that women have a voice.
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