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last ditch effort

I don't guess this is really a question.... I never thought life could be this hard and this empty. I find myself sitting at home on a Friday night on the internet looking for help and hope because my irrational fears have left me slightly paralyzed. I have no idea what that means other than reaching out for help seems so impossible. I don't know what to do.... how can I force myself to take the first step? If I can't find the strength and desire to start a journey of healing.... is there really any hope?
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I see that your a new member here at Medhelp. This is a wonderful site and a great place to talk to people who are going through what you are. Have you been diagnosed with anxiety and or depression? Yes, I believe there is hope, your posting here and that's a good step. Take care and keep posting. I hope you make lots of new friends here. Remar
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"because my irrational fears have left me slightly paralyzed."
Can you expand on that?
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Good morning to you!

First of all, please write in normal english - so that we don't have to sit here trying to work out what you mean... at the end of the day we're all here to support one another.

Tell us how you really feel - You are in good hands, there's always someone to talk to here and you will find that you are not alone.

Unfortunately this world is strange that we're living in and so many people feel low, stresses, anxious.  Belive me, you can have the most beautiful life and still feel doom and gloom.

Has something happened recently to make you feel this way?

Are you taking any medication?

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Must say I had no problem with your English??  Quite poetic i thought!

I was like this for 18 months without treatment.  Then one day to the next i got severe psychotic depression.  Only then I went for treatment and the treatment worked brillianlty.

There is no reason to feel like this.  

If it was your friend you would take them to the docotor, please offer yourself the same kindness.  We want to hear how you are getting on, keep posting.

best wishes
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I agree that your writing is very clear.  If only everyone had your level of skill in writing, I'd applaud the schools.  

I've been down where you are, and I'm making my way out, despite the realization that my marriage is not making me happy, and maybe life really is too short to be this bored and uninspired.  That maybe coasting on a familiar street is not the best road to stay on.  I find that some family members can be a help, but mostly it's the steps I take that make the difference, unfortunately.  It is very hard to launch yourself into a plan when you feel this way - I know!   But I'm now seeing a new psychiatrist and I started a different medication two weeks ago, and I've separated myself as far as I can, which is into a separate bedroom in the same house.  I've started breaking the news at work, but very slowly and carefully, just dropping hints but acting like I'm confident.  Acting the way you want to be is so much better than falling apart.  

We're here to listen as you start the process of working through your feelings and making the changes that will change your life.  
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amen Toby!
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Hang in there, babs.  It took me a long time to seek help as well.  I also have bad anxiety with irrational fears that have left me feeling paralyzed at times.  I finally went to the doc, and am currently on anti-anxiety and depression meds.  While I'm not completely better, I do feel like I'm on the way to feeling better.  Please go see your doc, and let us know how you're doing.  We're here for you!
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hang in there hun


On the wings of a Monarch
We shall seize
The sights and sounds
With the slightest of breeze
Black and orange flutters
On tall buildings and old shutters
High in the sky, we will feel
How the world around us
seems so unreal
From the shoulders of children
To the tail of a bull
We can see how
the wind will pull
On the wings of a Monarch
We shall roam
For hours or days
Till we fly on our own.
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There is hope, but at the same time I will agree that severe depression and anxiety is a *****.

I hate this condition with everything in me. I guess the best advice I can give anyone that is suffering is this: You have to be proactive. That means understanding that you have a serious mental illness, taking steps to get help, and above all learning all you can about the illness and it's many treatments.

Not going to sugar coat it though. This condition can be hell.

Wish I could tell you a way to completly cure it, but in my case it is only treatable at best.
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I will rephrase the question if it is my fault.
Do you mean you are physically paralyzed, or just do not feel like doing things?
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