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need help but cant afford it

Hi guys/girls.
I am an 18 almost 19 yr old girl. Ive been going through a lot lately and ive been feeling depressed for over months now. I have some family problems, mainly that they want nothing to do with me. I work 40 hrs a week and attend night classes which keeps the stress level high. I have a bf that ive been with for almost a year. We both love each other and though hes understanding he doesnt really get what i go through every day and sometimes doesnt know how to handle it. Hes also at college about an hour away so i only see him on the weekends. I though my depression would just get better over time and i wouldnt have to seek help but its been getting worse. Theres been times when i just wish i wouldnt wake up when i went to sleep or felt that the world would be better without me. Ive been having these kinds of thoughts for a little while now and feel like it would all be easier if i could just end it. I want to get help but i cant afford it because of the bills i pay. I have health insurance but i would still be paying to much.

So my question is, can anyone help me. Does anyone know of any info or anything that helps people who cant afford help? Im really struggling and could really use the help.

Thanks so much..
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Many states/towns offer health services on an ability to pay basis.  You may find them available at the school you attend.  Check with your local library - reference desk - for those available in your area.  You should get a good physical and blood work to rule out ailments that may be causing the symptoms you are having.  You may be able to get these at school as well.
It sounds like you are under a lot of stress and and it's taking it's toll on you.   Be sure to exercise and eat and sleep normally and give yourself sufficient 'down' time, meaning time to relax and do things you get enjoyment from.  Restrict alcohol and caffeine as well.
Depression can be made worse or caused by excessive stress and it can subside on it's own.  But DON'T put off getting help waiting for that possibility.  Treating it early will be the best thing you can do.  Take care.
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Community Mental Health Centers - NH


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Sorry, this is the right link.

Community Mental Health Centers - NH

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You could look into magnesium deficiency; this can cause depression.  Magnesium as well as the B Complex Vitamins are essential to handling stress well.

Some of the safer and more effective forms of magnesium include: Taurate, Glycinate, and Citrate (latter can be laxitative, so take with food).
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Thank you both for your input. Its been very beneficial and im starting to feel better about my situation. Hopefully some of this stuff will come through for me and i will start to feel better.

If anyone else has any info or ideas,please post them, would love to keep hearing from everyone..

Thank you
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