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what does this diagnosis mean?

I would like to know what the following statement means in my evaluation.  rule out adjustment disorder with depressed mood, Rule out Major depression, rule out secondary to general medical condition. rule out histrionic traits.  Does that mean that I don't have these "disorders"?
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Depends what the purpose of the evaluation is. The phrases are SO wide-ranging, it sounds like instructions for, whoever gets the eval: TO rule out: adjustment disorder;TO rule out: Major depression; TO rule out, [that your condition is] secondary to general medical condition. TO rule out, histrionic traits. As if it is written for another care-giver to take action on.
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yes rule out means just that they are not out of the test because they could not find any symptoms that would coincide with the diagnosis.
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It does depend-
I would more be thinking that them saying "rule out etc" would mean that You're going to be tested for it to make sure You do not have it.
Not that You have been tested rather that you're going to be because it needs to be ruled out.
It could also mean differential diagnosis or like the person above wrote rule out because you do not have it but you really need to ask.
My first guess would be You are yet to have a test to rule it out.
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