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23 Year Old With Sudden Severe Breakouts

When I was a teenager up until recently, I would have random sporadic acne, just a blemish now and then, nothing to worry about. But for the past six months, I have had nasty breakouts around my chin and T zone area. None of the counter treatments has helped lessen or improve the situation. the flights around my chin and t zone also leave scars. I also get a pimple or two on my cheeks every once in a while but not as bad, although one has left a dark spot. This is making me depressed and affecting my sense of security because my face looks terrible, especially after never facing such an issue. Can someone help me figure this out, please?
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it could be a fungal infection.  there is an amazing salve i am using and it clearing things up like nothing i have tried before.
it is called Steve's Salve Store if you want to look into his products.  this can cure diaper rash, jock itch, or any other skin problem, just like magic.
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How do I differentiate between a fungal infection and a hormonal issue ... The pimples do tend to appear in the chin and t zone area, and they have white heads ... a hemp serum seems to be helping a little currently
the only way to see what is going on with these pimples is get a magnifying app with a light and zoom in until you see well.  a normal pimple has a white head and raised.  if the pimple looks open, and depressed on mag, then it could be fungal.  look long enough you may see movement.  fungus is not just a mushroom, it can be a zillion other shapes with life and movement on your skin.  there are 5 fungi that infect man.  C. immitis is on the rise around the world.

tea tree oil or clove oil rubbed in each sore will bring out tons of interesting specimens.  if it is fungal, anyway.
oh another clue it is fungal,  if you find yourself saying "why am i so tired?" way too often, it is fungal.  this whacks normal energy down to nil.  if you are in perfect health, too, then it is not fungal.  it chooses persons who are of low immune response.
I don't need a magnifier to see the whiteheads. These pimples tend to grow in size with the big white head, then pop and go away.
Most of the time, leaving a dark spot behind.

I would also like to note when all this started, I was taking (Celebrex, duloxetine, and colchicine),  which I have sense stopped, the Celebrex I stopped only two days ago, so I have yet to see any effects (these medicines are for an autoimmune disease, FMF.)
I am now taking (Gabapentine and Bupropion HCL).
The fact that you have an immune issue makes you a candidate for this particular fungus.

I want you to magnify AFTER it breaks open.  You are looking for what appears to be eyes.  Find a spot that seems to shine, zoom in, and take a Pic.  Zoom in on the Pic.  Look for 2 spots together that our minds see as eyes.  I wish I could show you.  If you see even one set of spots, it is the cocci fungus.

Actually, Google "Valley Fever skin under magnification".  See what comes up!  Also Google your meds to see if the cocci fungus is affected by them.  I know for sure antibiotics make the fungus go crazy and grow when their bacteria helpers die.
both of them look too severe for what I am struggling with... Mine looks closer to hormonal acne
i wonder, then, why you are writing for advice.

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