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A red rash around a keloid

I had a 6 cms keloid on the center of my chest for quite over three years. I went to a dermatologist and she injected the keloid with steroids for over 4 months but to no avail, so I stopped going to her. A week ago, small red pimples formed all over the surface surrounding the keloid, so I treated them with a tretinoin (0,5 g) paste, they seemed to get small, and suddenly they turned to big red rash. I am so so scared that they will also turn to keloids, and since we're on lockdown due to corona, I can't go see any doctor.Is it just the pimples recovering or can that red rash turn to keloids too?
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I haven't heard of any country where getting essential medical care is restricted. Lots of countries are even doing video health care now. Can you call your doctor and see if they can do something like that for you? Maybe you can just email pics to a doc.

I wouldn't put anything else on them until you let a doctor see them. Even if you have to call the derm that injected them, at least you can get some kind of medical care.

I don't think anyone can say if they will turn into keloids without knowing what it is, but a keloid is a scar. It's not likely you'll get a scar from a rash, but just let it be and don't pick at it at all and you'll reduce the chances of it being a scar.

Call any doctor and see what they can do for you. Let us know what happens.
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