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Abscess Healing Questions

Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the right place.... I'll try not to post TMI... About three weeks ago I had a large abscess  lanced.  Everything seems to be healed for the most part, but the skin around and where the abscess/incision was made is very dark, purplish black at this point, and I don't know if I should be concerned about it or not.  

Also, I have a small red bump that has developed almost directly beside where the original abscess was.  It does not hurt whatsoever, but the fact that I know what it could possibly turn into has me very paranoid.  I have been keeping the area cleaned and applying Neosporin.  

Any advice or insight is much appreciated it.  All of this was done at an ER center so I don't have a doctor I can directly contact about this that is familiar with he situation... I have been unhappy with my PCP lately so I don't want to contact him unless absolutely necessary.
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Hi, I have had several drained as well, unfortunately with every cut I receive it ends up turning the black color that you mentioned & has scarred. Mine are reoccurring due to MRSA & sometimes come up on the back of my legs & near my bottom area & inner thighs. Every single one has turned the blackish/purplish color. Some scars are 4 years old & are still this week...my doctor says that it is normal...hope this helps.
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