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Accutane (isotretinoin) cured something in my body

    Im a 27 year old male from Sweden who have been sick for perhaps all my life, or since i was very young.

    I have been going to the doctors for almost 10 years and im still undiagnosed, pretty much all of my tests have been normal.
    I recently found this forum and decided to share my situation.

    I divide my symptoms into 3 sections:

    Appearance - I look ill, pale and sick. My skin color changes very easily depending on what type of lighting there is. If i for example go outside an autumn/winter day my face is extremely grayish/white.
    My eyes are very tired/staring looking with eyelids hanging and dark rings.
    I have never seen anyone else that looks like this, perhaps only a few people that look similar.

    Brain - It feels like my brain and thinking is blocked. I have hard time learning new things because information doesn't stay, in conversations i often forget what im going to say, concentration problems, nervousness, easily irritated

    Body/The Rest - I have a bad body odor and my hair is dry and lifeless.
    Fatigue, no matter how much i sleep i feel tired. Its not that i have to sleep but always tired and no energy.

    I don't however have any pain whatsoever and i can move perfectly.

    Now to the part of my story that is very remarkable:

    In 2004 i took accutane against my accne. I took a regular cure for 7 months and then stopped.
    A few months after i stopped i noticed that i looked much MUCH better then i have ever done before, skin color, eyes, hair, body odor, everything changed to normal for me.

    Then i noticed that i could read articles, watch movies and understand pretty much everything. When i talked to people it was like i saw the words in front of me so i knew what i was going to say all the time. My brain started to work normally!

    And i also felt healthy in my body for perhaps the first & only time in my life, the feeling was unreal, the fatigue and tiredness went away.

    I now realized that accutane cured something in my body i didn't realize i had. Sure i had my suspicion that something could be wrong but i was so young and i didn't take my health seriously.

    This healthy condition lasted for about 6 months and then when i noticed that i again looked pale i realized that i was going to be sick again.
    For every week i felt worse & worse, the symptoms slowly came back again.

    I have no idea what accutane cured in my body, i just know that i have a disease that is treatable.
    I haven't heard about anyone that has had an similar experience, its always about the side effects or how accutane destroyed their life.

    I probably have a rare disease because otherwise more people would report the same thing as me, if it for example was lyme disease or thyroid problems.
    The only thing i have had low levels of since my first blood test is cortisol, but i have had an endocrine investigation and they didn't find anything.

    If anyone have any ideas what accutane cured in my body or recognize the symptoms i would really appreciate your comments & thoughts!
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Firstly let me thank you for the information shared. You would be knowing that Accutane is a drug that has numerous side effects and must be used with absolute caution, being teratogenic, causing foetal abnormalities.
But then, your story makes way to the unknown aspects.aspects. Retinoic acid, induces the skin cells to differentiate.It has potential action on the neuronal differentiation especially on brain GABA producing neurons.
Wonder whether this was the reason for your recovery.
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thanks so much for your answer!

I know about Roaccutan and about the side effects, thats what makes my story so remarkable. I have spent hundreds of hours online but i cant find a single person who has had a similar experience or being cured by Accutane (except for accne). Am i really the first person in the world?

I however didn't understand so much what you wrote, how can i check those things you just mentioned if there is something wrong?
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Since VitA has action on the midbrain, you could be having some cognitive disorder, which possibly got corrected during therapy.
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Its not a cognitive disorder since it doesn't affect your skin colour, your eyes, hair, body odor & so on
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Guess you got your thyroid profile done, there could be a connection there.
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My thyroid levels has always been normal. Also, if accutane could temporarily cure thyroid disorder there would be many others who would have said that.

This just a big big mystery, i just cant fit the puzzles together.. =/
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