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All of a sudden itchy all over

All of a sudden yesterday I started being itchy all over my body while I was at work. The worst/most consistent areas of itching were my head, neck, chest/stomach, legs, top of feet and hands, and pubic area. Once I got home the itching largely went away until I woke up in the middle of the night with my head itchier than it's ever been - I couldn't sleep and spent 45 minutes awake scratching my head and then it just went away. Woke up this morning and had little to no itching.

Got to work this morning and after about an hour started feeling incredibly itchy again, primarily in the legs, just under the armpits, and stomach.

No idea why this is happening - it seems worse at work but I don't think it has anything to do with that as I just work at a desk and have worked here for almost 2 years and have not experienced this up until yesterday.

Recent changes I can think of is I moved about 2 weeks ago and I changed laundry detergent - however, I changed to the scent/allergen-free kind so I can't think of that being the reason why.

Literally have never been this itchy before and it just started yesterday. It tends to focus on certain areas then fade and then get super itchy in another area.

After last night with my head being insanely itchy, I was virtually convinced I had lice. However, so far today my head has not been itchy at all while my legs, armpit, etc. are driving me insane.

If anyone could help I'd really appreciate it.
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Idopathic acute urticaria. Antihistaminics help. Do consult your doc.
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I don't have any noticeable rashes or anything
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Must confess I missed out on that. You must get your urine tested for bile salts and pigments.
Best wishes.
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