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An absorption related question

Hello to you,An extract (powder) of Emblica officinalis is applied on scalp for hair growth purposes.it is usually mixed in oil, water, yogurt, etc.
I wonder if there is an advanced method to efficiently impregnate the Finely ground powder into the scalp.
Thanking you in advance!!
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Here's a list of the claims, from a much longer article advocating use of the plant you are asking about. My thought is, when something is supposedly excellent for such a wide variety of issues, it's just being hyped.

What I take from the list (besides to treat it with dubiousness) is that you don't have to use only the powder from ground-up bark or root of the plant, you can juice the berry and rub it into your scalp, or even chew the fruit though it is said to be sour.

Not that I think it works (because if it did, there would be no bald men in India). Caveat emptor.

Claims for it:
- controlling diabetes
- aiding digestion
- treating irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation
- improving vision
- strengthening the immune system
- reduce free radicals
- improve the cognitive ability
- treat the common cold
- aid in metabolism
- delay aging of skin
- reduce dandruff
- nourish hair and follicles
- "balance sebum content" of scalp
- helps regenerate hair
- control cholesterol
- improve cardiac activity
- reduce blood pressure
- diuretic
- laxative
- liver tonic
- respiratory issues
- heal wounds

Comments about use with hair:

Massage hair with the juice or oil before washing hair

The leaf can be ground up, made into a paste and used as a hair tonic

The oil (from the seeds) can be used to nourish scalp and hair follicles
The bark can be dried and turned into a powder to use in making hair masks with plain yogurt
The fruit can be chewed

   " Do not exceed 500ml of Emblica Officinalis juice for adults
    Do not exceed 200ml of Emblica Officinalis juice for children"

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My question was merely and strictly about an efficient method of  impregnating this organic powder into the scalp.
(I am familiar with what you wrote and more including all .gov studies and there are quite a lot - thank you)
I thought the only good suggestions there (to improve on what you are already doing) were those about using the juice instead of the powder. Good luck to you and I hope you find a better method.

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