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Baby has severe itchy scalp!

Hey there,
My 3 month old has severe eczema and the doctor prescribed us hydrocortisone cream, that worked wonders for his skin and now is ezcema is gone. But now we have a problem with a severe itchy head. I've tried baby oil, aveeno lotion, aveeno eczema lotion, cetaphil, coconut oil to name a few. He screams and screams in pain when he is itching and he will not sleep at night because he is so itchy. The doctor said it would go away and to stop washing his hair as often but we've done that and still nothing. I even noticed it weeps sometimes. I don't know what else to do. It upsets me so much to see him in pain
Please help!
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Poor little guy! I feel for him!
Water is his worst enemy. Stay away from water.
Stop using lotions! He may have a sensitivity and that will make it worse.
Best bet? Use either olive oil or coconut oil.
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Water is your son's WORST enemy! Keep him away from it!!  Trust someone who has been suffering from eczema and dry skin their entire life.
Stop using lotions! These may make it worse! Aveeno isn't for everyone. I don't care if it says hypoallergenic...it isn't . Some of us get a severe rash from it.
Try using olive oil instead...and put mittens or socks on his hands so that he can't scratch. That will only intensify it.
And ALWAYS wait 3 days or more before trying something new. Allergic reactions can sometimes take up to several weeks to die down. If he's allergic to anything you've tried it will have made it worse. With ingested allergies, it takes from a few minutes , up to 72 hours to cause symptoms, with skin it can take a week or more, or be instant.
Changing soaps, detergents, etc can cause reactions too. Wash all his clothes and bedding in just water for a week or two...this may help.
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Thank you so much!
I'll stop all lotions and will def try olive or coconut oil!
I avoid washing his clothes in any detergent as he has such sensitive skin! Poor guy!
He has mittens on 24/7 and gets frustrated because he can't itch and tries his best to get them off!!
I hate seeing him so upset.
He's such a sensitive little thing!
Thanks for your help :)
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