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Black oily spots on cheeks after sweating

I have the same problem as described by the 1st person. I get black spots on my cheeks, and only my cheeks, after sweating or getting flush in the face.
I've had this problem for a few years, probably starting in college, but never too severly, only once in a while. Now I get the black spots almost every time I do physical activity or go tanning - heat seems to be the biggest cause of the problem.
People suggested that it was dirt being secreted from my pores, but I never believed this, especially because the black spots can appear soon after I just finish showering.
I have searched online many times for information on this problem, but have yet to find anything. I'm glad I finally found something related to the problem.
I am also rarely sick, and have not gone to the doctor for this problem, but am looking to go soon. I guess I would have to take photos or show them in person what the spots look like, and maybe have them scrape off a sample to look at under a microscope.
I think the problem may be caused by toxins being secreted from the pores on my cheeks, and this may be due to a problem with one of my internl organs that I am not aware of yet, I dont know...
If anyone has any experience with this problem, or any solutions I'd really appreciate any information. Thanks.

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A dermatologist I saw years ago had no answer. A recent mention to my regular dr. thought nothing of it -- I'll have to find a better dr. The closest description I found is:
Chromhidrosis ("colored sweat") is a rare condition characterized by the secretion of colored sweat. It is caused by the deposition of lipofuscin in the sweat glands. Cases of red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and black sweat have been reported...
With no real solution.
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Thanks, it is not a solar sensitivity of the skin, as it can happen when I am indoors.
I was just hoping to find an answer before having to go to the doctor, because there is a 95% likelyhood that he/she will have no idea what it is and be quick to prescribe a medication instead of actually looking into the problem.
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Hi ne1, I just .came across your post about black oil coming out of your skin. I have the same issue. Every time I sweat, even a little, these black oily dots come out of the pores on my upper cheekbones. I’ve had this problem since the late 90’s but never thought much about it until today. I don’t have any health problems except for follicultis and minor ezama. I used tanning beds 15 years ago. I’m a 41 year male. Eat mostly organic foods. I don’t think it’s toxins, but who knows? Have you made any headway on finding the cause?
I have this exact same issue as well. Very curious to know what it is...
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Yes, it is a good idea to go to your doctor and find out what the cause for this be. You may also take the pictures along with you. This may be some kind of solar sensitivity of the skin and your doctor would be the best person to judge what action needs to be taken next.

All the best and keep us posted.
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