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Browned skin on the shaft of my penis on the head and just bellow it

Hi.  I am 18 years old.  This is kind of embarassing but I really need to get this cleared up.  I have scars on the head of my penis and just under the head of it.  I am circumcised.  The markings are just a series of browned or darkened patches on my otherwise pale skin.  I have never had sex so thats not a reason for it.  But it would sure be less worying to fade the scars or watever they are.  Are there names of creams I can get at the drugstore that would fade them without hurting my genital area.  Thanks.  Mark

p.s. I see on here you can add a photo but i didn't think that would be appropriate in this case as its you know where.  However if you really think it will help email me at ***@****
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markie 18 man @ hot mail . com no spaces or underscores or nothing
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Some amount of hyperpigmentation in the inner parts such you mentioned, is normal. This area also is rich in sweat glands to keep our body cool. Friction is caused less by the body and more by the kind of clothing we wear. Therefore use cotton clothes to help you stay cool. You may also use anti-perspirants to help you with decreasing the perspiration.

There are many treatment options available for reducing the pigmentation and a customization to your needs and requirements will be required  by a doctor. Please visit for further diagnosis and treatment.

Do let me know if you have any other queries and the status of this condition.

Best regards
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