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Bumps on Skin appearing during sleep (no bedbugs)

I have been getting a couple of bumps on the skin- behind the ears, inside elbow - which start getting very itchy and red a day later. I have checked for bedbugs and fleas, changed bedding every week, laundered everything else to no avail. These appear every few days, not daily. I have also eliminated certain foods but nothing seems to work. Any thoughts what this might be?
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It really does sound like bugs, though behind the ears is kind of a funny place to get them. Do you sleep with your cat or dog? Cats especially can be very quick to catch a flea that bites them, so you wouldn't necessarily see the flea on the cat, but it's pretty easy to get fleas in your bed from pets.
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Thanks for the reply. No, I dont sleep with my dog nor does he get to come near my bed. I just got another bump below the other ear 2 days ago, got itchy yesterday and now has disintegrated into a line of 3 smaller ones. Its just mindboggling as we have cleaned out over and over again.
What about chiggers? They're tiny and you wouldn't see them, but it's not likely they would set up permanent housekeeping in your bed ir pillow. Do you get outside a lot?
No, I dont get out much. It happens in the night and not everyday. I would think if it were bugs, they would want to bite me every night, correct?
I don't know. When my cats have brought in fleas, I haven't gotten bitten every night. Have you tried stripping the bed and spraying it with an insecticide, and washing or replacing your pillows?
Yes, I have sprayed and washed every single item pillows, mattress cover, bedding. Everything. I also spray the room everyday at night. How often were you getting bitten with fleas?
Not often. In flea season, I'd get a bite on my legs (where my cats sleep) and then wouldn't get another one, especially if I got my cats flea treated. But cats are warmer than people, so if a flea senses a cat nearby it will stick with the cat and not go off to find a person. And if a cat gets a bite, it will immediately catch the flea and eat it. So it's not surprising that I'd only get the idle bite even during flea season. Other animals are probably not as fast at flea management.

I'm not thinking you have a flea issue, though, since getting bitten next to the ears is not the usual flea place. I'd check in with a doctor and show him the bites and explain your history, and see what he suggests.
Thank you.
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Hi, It can affect anyone at any age because itchy skin at night is a typical occurrence and has a variety of potential causes.
possess allergies
Take many baths.
possess a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema.
are through hormonal fluctuations or are pregnant.
have kidney failure, diabetes, or a specific type of malignancy.
In the winter, turn on your heater.
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AnnieBrooke, Thanks for the link.
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