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Bumps on face with sand-like crystals inside

I have several bumps on my face that I recently one opened up and found a very hard, sand-like grain inside that is yellowish-white in color.  They are pretty well attached and do not squeeze out, had to practically cut them out with a hypodermic needle tip.  They start out small and enlarge until there is a bump which is noticable.  What causes these and how do I avoid getting more of them?  Thanks for your help.
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I have this same problem, This is the first person I have found that is also dealing with this. they are like hard crystalized stones down under the skin, not like whiteheads. I kept a couple to show my family. It is just on my face mostly around the inner cheek area.  I am 62 and remember that I started getting them when I was pregnant with my second son who is now 33, they never went away.  I have (or had) Prolactinemia where my pituitary gland produced too much prolactin.  At the time of the pregnancy I didn't know I had this, and had trouble getting pregnant with my 3rd child.  Once we found this out I took Parlodel to cut down my prolactin level which helped me to get pregnant.  I did not take the drug while pregnant though.  My guess is the high level of prolactin caused the bumps?  I do have oily skin (not as oily as it used to be).  I have been having some removed because my daughter is getting married in August, but it has been a long process, I wish there was another way to remove them.  The doctor said they look like calcifications of some kind but didn't know what caused it.
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I have this too. I have been to many dermatologist and estheticians all of whom tried to treat them like milia, there not. They can not be cut and squeezed out. I finally found an esthetician who will dig them out. Once she picks the skin away and they are exposed, they are still attached. She was amazed at the crystalline nature. Although there is quite a bit of digging, I've not gotten significant scars.

I started getting these when I was older and have never been pregnant.

If anyone find out what this is, especial what causes it, please let me know.

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I have had the same thing, and I'm in my early 60's. They begin as red bumps, and they're very sore.  When I remove the crystals that are like salt  with some adherences, they feel as sore as glass splinters.  After I remove however many are in an area, they heal and as they are quite superficial, the scarring isn't too significant.  I had them primarily on my nose and around my mouth area, and along my marionette line to the jaw.  I've seen 2 dermatologists, and they both don't know what it is.  As I've had a few sessions of Restylane and Juvederm fillers, I thought it might be related but the doctor's said no.  They also told me, that I shouldn't remove them, that they will dissolve on their own.  I doubt this.  I'm in the medical skin care business and I teach aestheticians to do chemical peels, so I'm quite educated in dermatology.  This is definitely a unique condition,and I'm usually very against extractions with pimples and blackheads, but these are too painful to leave in.
I have the same issue, but its  all over my body it started about 8 months ago, also I have a rash and stinging it's awful. I will be getting an ultra sound and x ray on my bladder, it seems like my body is producing yeast at a rapid rate, I also have a very bad bladder infection when I tale the Cipro I seem to get more of the crystals and stinging, like ants are biting me, I am 70 and all this came out of nowhere, I had my gall bladder removed 11 years ago and always take an probiotic, but now with a prolapse bladder all hell has broke loose, probably acid in my body or a kidney issue and bladder issue, I am not sure about these golden years.
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I'm looking this up because I cannot afford professional care for something superficial... thanks for your input. You are in the professional skin care business and are saying this is rather unique. I find myself scratching these bumps off. My 20 yo daughter, who is getting them also, and I believe they could be related to our water. We drink filtered tap water. So.. no one has a suggested product that might discourage the formation of these.salt crystals or grains of sand in the skin?
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I have crystals popping out my forehead.Have you looked into Morgellons disease?
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I am 59 and have suffered with a very similar problem. It has spread since the initial very sore red lump on the upper chin under my lip. This cleared after months and now is in three spots of the chin that are painful and hard to hide.
I describe it as `tiny shards of glass`. Using a mirror outside in the sun once to look at them I literally saw a prism-like spectrum of colors on a tiny piece of this whatever it is. The skin oozes clear fluid which hardens shiny forming deep vertical and horizontal lines, mostly at a slight angle, making the patches appear very wrinkled, but it happened within a couple of days,not years. The dermatologist wouldn't let me tell him anything, said `this should take care of the crusts` and gave me Bactroban.
This has made me miserable.
Anything sound familiar to anyone?
i have exactly what you have described. After 10 years of torturous pain these razor like lesions are moving all over my body leaving infected skin in the aftermath moving to ears, eyes, nose, and feet, these feel like shards of glass attacking major extremities. The crystals also breed smaller ones in mass numbers now feeling like a Parana  attack. I have to tape the trails they make to stop them.
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