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CA MRSA and Moving Forward


I recently acquired CA MRSA from a partner (close skin to skin contact), or at least my Doctor thinks it was aquired this way.  My partner goes to the gym alot and boxes - he did not have any visible abcesses but my Doctor believes him to be colonized without symptoms.  He is going to get swabed to verify.  I acquired a pimple like lesion on each breast that went away on their own within a week - I thought it was just a cloged pore so I did not go see my doctor.  Then I got another one in my nostril - this one hurt more and was a little swollen.   I got an appointment with my doctor a few days later.  It was diagnosed CA MRSA and the doctor put me on antibodics, by the time I got the prescription the next day the abcess was almost gone.  I am taking my 10 day course of antibodics faithfully, washing with Hibilens and have been swabbing my nostrils with antibacterial ointment.  My Doctor (Infectious Disease Specialist) says that I should not worry about living a normal life and that I can continue to have intimate relationships and do my normal everyday things after my treatment is over (he will swab my nose when treatment is complete to see if the MRSA has colonized).   I have to admit looking on the internet makes me think otherwise, I am horrified at what I found and don't know what to believe now and extremely worried.  I am a very active, healthy 44 yr old.   My questions are:

1.  What are the chances that the MRSA colonized?
2.  Will MRSA stay in my body forever (my Doctor mentioned that if would not, and that it may colonize for a span of time - days, weeks, months)?
3.  Do I have to tell people about this, such as a future partner?  I could not find anything in regards to guidance on this on the internet.  
4. Is it a good sign for my prognosis that the abcesses cleared on their own?
5. What about things like accupunture, botox, IPL - can I still do those things anymore?

Thank you - I know I have asked many questions!
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