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Can shampoo cause your skin to flake up on your penis

So about two or three days ago i had masturbated with shampoo and i guess i didnt wash it of right.the next day my skin was dry and ruff and a little flake and ive been using vaseline to help hydrate my skin.is it ok to use vaseline?know i put on vaseline about every two hours everyday and it has been helping there is very little itching on my penis and their is there is a little bit of redness but is going away.my skin is getting better and smoother but it does it a little bit on the head of my penis my skin is also peeling a little bit on the skin the surrounds the head but is a liitle.so my question is if vaseline can help get my penis back to normal?? Thanks for you answers!!!!
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No rinsing soap off of any body part could cause some dry skin issues.  I would say if the vaseline is helping, it's probably ok to use- may just take some time to clear up.  If you don't continue to see it heal, head into your doctor to ensure that it is from the soap and not another cause.
My skin on the head of my penis has started to peel and ive been taking it of is that bad?? my penis doesn't burn and i rearly get itchy on the head.it dosent hurt or burn when i pee and the skin is taking of a little easy is it dead skin is it bad i did that
I wouldn't pick at it- the peeling is probably from the shampoo drying you out- but if you are overly worried your doctor is the best place to go for more answers.
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