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Can you help me figure out what these bumps all over my arms are?

This rash first appeared 3 months ago, comorbid with a (fungal?) armpit rash and cracking at the corners of my mouth.  I used hydrocortisone cream and it went away, but when I stopped using the cream it came back along with severe facial and neck eczema.  It was so severe that I did a two week course of Prednisone.  When I went off the Prednisone, the rash came back immediately in all the same places so the Dr. prescribed another 3 week higher dosage (he had thought it was poison ivy initially but I disagreed wholeheartedly but still went along with the treatment).  After the 3 week course, as I predicted, the rashes came back right away.  I now have an armpit rash and this arm rash.  The facial eczema was less severe this time and I was able to treat it myself with Eucerin. Thank you for any advice.

What it looks like: clusters of small, flat topped skin colored bumps.  Some are so closely clustered they almost form plaques, others are more spread out and look like folliculitis almost.  The rash is on the underside of my forearms, the tops of my hands, my elbows (inside and out), the backs of my knees, and most of my upper arms. It was very itchy the first time I got it, now it is mildly itchy (I am also taking antihistamine though).
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It's possible, though I can't know, that you had a reaction to cortisone.  Cortisone suppresses your immune system, and quite often the things it's used to treat come back because of this.  It also has side effects, and you might have had one.  Just a possibility, the same thing can happen with antibiotic use.  While they can be helpful and sometimes necessary, they are not discriminate in what they affect and so the good organisms that protect you can go out of whack along with the harmful ones being treated.  Again, just raising a possibility.
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Thank you!  I think it's definitely a possibility.  I've never taken anything before - not even an antibiotic - so it's possible that I had a reaction because I'm not used to drugs in my system.  I've just been frustrated that doctors keep telling me it's an allergy.  It's definitely not!
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