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Caring for my little brothers foot

Greetings to the MedHelp Dermatology community!

My little brother's foot has had one callus in the past, we thought it was not a big deal and that it was from sports or the wrong type of shoe.  Now the callus has grown bigger, has become darken, and it has spread across his toes.  He has been inactive, maybe the swimming pool could be a cause?  It is painless, yet he has multiple calluses that is causing great worry for me.  I also believe that it might of spread to one of his hands, not quite sure, but I'm also able to send a picture of it.  

I would like some advice or maybe a diagnosis so I can treat it myself.  It's been hard to find a doctor and we've been denied a diagnosis/check up because of our insurance.

Here is an image of his foot.

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Try Lamisil anti fungal
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It seems like verrucas to me. It is caused by Human Papilloma virus.  I know it may be hard to visit a doctor but you absolutely need to do so because you need to have a certain diagnosis. This is usually self limiting but sometimes its can show a serious deficiency in the child's immune system although very rare. Check with your insurance again.
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I have looked at the picture and the areas with the dark spots are verrucas.

Do not let him go swimming without protective rubber socks.  
And yes, they are very easily picked up from swimming pool areas and showers and as your brother has them and walks bear footed, he is also in fact contaminating the floor - anyone else walking bear footed can pick up the virus.

Because your brother is young and there seems to be quite a few on his one foot, he needs to be treated by the doctor or the podiatrist.  

Like N_Johnny30 mentions, it may be an immune problem and a doctor would be able to arrange a blood test to get it checked.

If you have no insurance to take him to the doctor or podiatrist, do you have a medical walk in centre in your area that you can take him to?
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Thank you very much, we are still going to go to the doctors for a diagnosis.  We have contacted our insurance company and they recommended us a dermatologist.  I have looked up verrucas and it does seem to be what it is.

I looked up on ways to get rid of them and the internet has told me to use many methods such as colloidal silver water, tea tree oil, and thuja.  I am staying away from freezing and surgery because of the painful experience he will get, the money, and that chances of the warts coming back.
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I appreciate all the help!  He is living with us and it seems that we are okay, still I will be aware that it can spread to other members of the community.  He is too acting with caution.  Should I go for a podiatrist or a dermatologist?

I'm hoping it is nothing serious with his immunity, if anything, we can boost it right?  I will get his blood checked to make sure everything is alright.  I will be looking into medical walk in centre in our Portland area also.
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I would suggest you see your own GP who can direct you to the correct specialist.  Or the dermatologist.  In the UK, we have to see a GP to refer us to a specialist on the National Health Service.

With regard to immunity, you will need to discuss this with your doctor.
I cannot remember what the deficiency is, but do remember seeing it on the medical programme.  N_Johnny30 may be able to answer that query, otherwise, speak and discuss your concerns with your doctor.

Best of luck.
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I wasnt aware of that show in the UK but i found it. It was a deficiency in CD4 cells also called T helper cells cause they are the first to react in antigen intrusion into the body and they also inform the rest immune system for the invasion so the immune response can start. And also CD8 cells that are called cytotoxic cells also cause they attack human cells that are infected with a virus. I m sure its not the case here. That was very rare. But they need to run all the blood tests related just to be certain its only cause he s running barefoot by the pool.
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How do I select the best answer?  I appreciate all the help.  It has been awhile since I have checked on the forums because it's difficult finding a doctor that will diagnose this.
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I dont know how you do that. It doesnt matter. Let us know when you have an answer  :) Good luck
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