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Continued symptoms after 25+ treatments: scabies help

Hi there,

Last year I was diagnosed with scabies after 3 months of misdiagnoses. I had rashes between my toes, around my wrists, and some nodules on my belt line.

Fast forward to now. I’ve treated with permethrin 25 times, taken countless doses of ivermectin, and even tried benzyl benzoate this last round. My partner no longer has symptoms but I’ve continued to have some itching 3.5 months after our last treatment. I’ve even found some “scratches” or linear marks on my skin but they don’t seem to last more than 3-5 days.

I’ve had one punch biopsy and 5 scraping samples taken—including from a linear line that was fresh from the day before. I have a crawling sensation all over my skin, and every time I put any clothing on all of these symptoms worsen.

What exactly is going on here? My dermatologist has cleared me several times. Am I experiencing a severe post scabies syndrome or have I somehow messed up the sensory nerves on my skin? Do I have some crazy kind of super scabies and my partner is just not showing signs anymore but is also infected?

This has single handedly ruined my life the last year and I just really am hoping someone has some suggestions as to what is going on. I don’t believe bugs are “crawling” all over me, but am so confused as to why symptoms haven’t resolved after the intense amounts of treatment I’ve used. If I just had some bumps here and there it would be more believable that I’m cured, but the tiny scratches I find are really concerning (I’ve found about 3 the last 3.5 months). I just want my skin to heal so I can move on from this nightmare.

Please, what am I missing here?
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It's carpet beetle larvae. At least I have all the same symptoms. Read my long post.
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My son, sister, and I had scabies which we got rid of using ivermectin.  I was left with a crawling, biting, and itching issue in my hair.  While scabies typically doesn't get into the hair  - I believe mine did and left a bacteria/virus behind in my hair follicles.  Several doctors saw nothing.  My hair started falling out and I would get burning, itching scratches appearing on my shoulders and back (where I could not reach).  It went on for 2 years - it was horrible.  I shaved my head (and I'm a girl), and changed sheets every day...doctors told me I was crazy.  

I'm a chemist - who has run huge laboratories so I didn't believe that lie.

Instead, I started making various types of treatments to help.  And FINALLY, this worked.

I am NOT a doctor - and not giving advice - this worked for me to eliminate my problem.

1000 ppm Silver Collodial solution  - 1 liter
1/4 cup of coconut oil
3-7 drops of Dawn dishwashing soap (to emulsify oil and water)

The Silver killed whatever it was, the coconut oil got the solution below the skin (hair follicles are notorious for getting a solution into...) and the soap mixes everything together.

Sprayed my hair for 10 days (2X per day) - and GONE! No more scalp issues, no more scratch lines - relief.  It's now been 2 years since that horrible ordeal.  My hair has grown back - but what is interesting my very curly hair is now straight.  I'll take that although I loved my curls.

Good luck everyone - you're not crazy, there is something going on.  If this helps one person with this issue I'm happy.

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We are having the same problem. Do you get rid of it and how?
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Yes. It was actually gone for longer than I thought. The sensations are from nerves misfiring and likely damage from over using the medicine. I no long get marks and I think most of them were self inflicted. I’ve been with someone new and he never contracted it, so I’m sure it’s just post scabies syndrome coupled with nerve damage. Everything I did was overkill and now I may have to deal with the electricity and crawling for the rest of my life. The medicines can mess your body up badly so please be careful..
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