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Could it be Exzema or something else?

I'm new to this site, but it seems like a good place to start my search for an answer.
For the past couple years I've had three rash-like irritations on my legs.  My left leg has two smaller 1inch "rashes" while my right leg has a big, 3-inch long one!  They burn and itch, and sometimes bleed.  My skin is always dry and I cannot seem to find a moisturizor that helps.  I asked my doctor about the "rashes" but he said it's razor burn and to put Cortisone on it for a week and it will clear.  I strongly think it's NOT razor burn because even if I skip shaving, they are itchy and painful.  Sometimes though, when I do shave over them they become slimy and burn.  I have to be very gentle so i don't always get every hair.
They don't burn 24/7, but sometimes it's so bad that I cannot sleep because I'm lying in bed rubbing them to make the pain go away.  I've been looking at photos of Exzema, but I'm not sure if that's what I have.  I've taken photos and I'm going to add a photo of the larger "rash" from my right leg.
Thank you for any help!
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Where are they located on your leg? Near the ankle?

Have you had any other such rashes in the past?

Are you allergic to something?

Would you describe these rashes as circular with central clearing?

Has the skin thickened at the site?

You may take another opinion from a dermatologist and try to ascertain the diagnosis.  

It is important to find out if this is an infective lesion or not.

Let us know if you may have any other queries.


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Thanks for your questions!
I'm not sure if there's a specific name for the part of my leg they're on, but they're in the middle of my Tibia and Fibula area at the front.  So if I stand facing you, you'd see all three.

My mom has mentioned that when I was younger, I had a strange rash where my underwear rubbed it.  She's not here right now, so I cannot ask her about it.

I am not allergic to anything that we're aware of at this time.

I'd describe the entire area to be dry, bumpy, itchy, burny, red.  There's not really a clearing.
My two little ones are more round, while i'd say the larger one is more oval.
It's definitly thicker than my regular skin around it.

They do sometimes bleed if I scratch them.  It seems like it's my pores that bleed when they do.  It's usually a drop of blood coming out of the areas.

I do agree that I need to see a dermatologist about this.  They've become very irritating and I'm sad to say they embarrass me during the summer.
Thanks for your help!
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i dont think thats eczema i have eczema and it dont look like that i have lil circles of patches of dry skin its not rash like and it definetly does not bleed unless i accidently scratch it w/my razor. i went to the clinic at my school when i was 17 and they said i had eczema.
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This may be Psoriasis, which appears as circular areas of patches.

Does the lesion increase or decrease over seasons/months?

Do you have intense itching at the site?

Does anyone in your family have Psoriasis, or any other immune disorder?

You should visit your dermatologist to find the diagnosis.

Try to keep the area clean and properly moisturized at all times.

By the way, the area of the leg you seem to be talking about is called the shin.

All the best and let us know if you have any other queries.
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