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Cure for Recurring Itching (Fungal probably)


I've been having recurring rashes on my body on various places (from past 3-4 months), mostly on my butt, a patch here and there on my thigh, inside of my thigh, etc.

I've been to my general physician and a dermatologist both who diagnosed it as a fungal infection and gave me some meds (latest of which was Griseofulvin 250 mg, thrice daily, course completed about 20 days ago).

Every Time it was the same, while I'm taking medications, I have no itch nor any rashes, as soon as those medications stop, within a week, I start to itch and then the rashes appear.

The itch is not extreme as in I don't have to itch all the time but it's difficult at times I do have to.

I have uploaded all pics to my profile page.

Kindly help me on getting a cure for this.

I do have newly diagnosed Pre-Diabetes but my blood sugar is very normal, never goes beyond 120.

Current Medications;
Metformin 500 mg XR
Olmesartan Medoxomil 20 mg (for Hypertension, BP is also normal)

Other details;

24, Male, Trying to lose weight, 5' 10", 100 kg (224 lbs), Sedentary lifestyle
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Get back to your doctor and let him know about the condition recurring after you stop the medication.

Sometimes the antifungal medications need to be taken for many months and not just for a few weeks.  You may also need an antifungal spray or cream to use as well and an oil spray like Emolin to moisturise your skin.

You may find bathing with a big cupful of Epsom Salts with some baby oil helpful. Do this regularly.  You need some baby oil (coconut oil will be fine too) because Epsom Salts is very drying on its own.

The Epsom Salts neutralise the pH on the skin and the fungus and bacterial do not like this.  Epsom Salts also contain magnesium that is absorbed through the skin.  This is a good thing.

Don't use normal soaps.  Only use non perfumed soap, soap with the same pH level as our skin, baby washes may be fine.  Avoid bath and shower gels.  These dry out the skin and can cause more irritation.  Your doctor can prescribe or you can purchase without a prescription and emollient that can be used as a substitute for soap.

You may find that after being on the Metformin for a while and with getting the medications and creams, your skin condition will settle in time, but will still need to be managed regularly.   You still may get a flare up from time to time, but as soon as you notice the itching you can do something about it to stop it getting much worse.

Fungus loves sugar.  Being prediabetic (glucose intolerant) will encourage fungal growth.  Taking antibiotics can also encourage fungal growth because antibiotics kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad ones.

Ensure that you cut out or drastically cut down on all sugary foods.  Also avoid junk foods and processed foods.  Read labels on foods so that you can avoid those that contain a lot of sugar in them.  There are hidden sugars in ready made meals and processed foods, so read the labels.  Avoid fizzy drinks.  Limit your consumption of alcohol.

Eat more fruit and vegetables, lean meats, fish, seeded or wholemeal bread instead of the while variety.  Drink plenty of fluids and especially water.  2 litres of water a day is usually recommended, but more if you sweat a lot.

Add natural yogurt to your diet.  Natural yogurt contains the good bacteria that helps to control fungal overgrowth.  You will still require your antifungal medications until things are under control again.

Doing some form of exercise, even walking or swimming will also help with regard to your pre diabetes.  

If you look after your health, by eating healthily, losing weight and doing some form of exercise every day (go for a short walk twice a day and build the time and duration up slowly) this will help to delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

If you are overweight, you no doubt get moisture in the creases of your skin.  Fungus loves warm and moist places.  So losing weight and having good hygiene will help.
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It is fairly certain you have Tinea corporis(Fungus). Scraping for fungus with KOH test would establish the diagnosis.
But then ,these fungi tend to be recurrent and may need courses of Griseofulvin from time to time and external application of terbinafine.
Surely weight control, and keeping the area dry with clotrimazole powder helps in controlling recurrences.
Nowadays more derms prescribe oral terebinafine.
Do consult your doc.
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