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Cyst/Follicitis on bottom shaft

Hello -- yesterday I noticed a hard lump area right at the botton of my penile shaft, right where my pubic hair area is. I immediately went to the clinic in fears this was an STD (like syphilis?) as I have been having protected vaginal sex with someone, but was concerned the area this lump is in is not necessarily protected by a condom as it may not have rolled down that far. Anyway, the doctor who saw me didn't think it was an STD and diagnosed it as a cyst, possibly from an ingrown hair that was large enough so that he prescribed doxy for 5 days. He suggested washing the area with antibacterial soap and doing warm compresses on the lump while taking the antibiotics. The area is large, raised with borders largely matching the rest of the skin, doesn't hurt, but is hard and round with what appears to be a sort of whitehead maybe in the middle, surrounded by public hair, literally at the bottom shaft of my penis.

Is there some other cream or substance that can be suggested to put on this to speed up healing? I have used witch hazel as I read that can be beneficial. Otherwise, do you think it is best to let it be and let the antibiotics (and nature) take its course? Trying to get on with this as soon as I can.

Thanks in advance.
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The only thing I would suggest using on it is tea tree oil. Make sure it's 100% tea tree oil, and not diluted with anything, like lavender or whatnot.

The first few times you use it, you'll want to dilute it with water or it will BURN LIKE FIRE. Wet a cotton ball, and add a couple of drops of the oil to the cotton ball. Then DAB it on the area.

Tea tree oil has antibacterial (and other) properties that can speed up healing. Only use it a couple of times a day though - don't go crazy. It will heal, but it will take time. You don't want to over-irritate the area and make the healing time longer.

Feel better!

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Thank you! Tea tree oil has a habit of making my skin peel if I don't dilute it, so I will make sure to. Much appreciated.
Dilute as you suggest, with water initially. Thanks.
You're welcome. If it irritates you, or starts to peel your skin, stop using it. You may just need to dilute it, but it may still have that reaction. Just watch for it.
Sorry, one last inquiry. I finished the doxy yesterday; My guess is I wouldn't expect this to heal in less than a week (it's 6 days now) but do you think just continue treating as stated above or since the antibiotics are finished to either get more, go back to doctor, or just keep treating at home? just not sure what timeframe I should give to possibly get drained (which I want to avoid). Thx again.
Have you seen any improvement? If you haven't, then follow up with your doctor.

Are you seeing redness around it? Is it warm to the touch? Do you have a fever or feel nauseated? If the answer is yes to any of those, definitely follow up today.

If it's gone down, and it's not red, etc., you can still watch it. If it's grown in size, follow up.
Thanks. It feels softer than last week, although hasn't decreased in size much, maybe a little. "No" to your questions above, but note when I treat it with a warm compress or oil it appears to puff up like a small balloon nd maybe get a bit redder then, like the stuff inside is coming to surface(?) but then looks like it subsides a bit and doesn't color wise look much different than other skin, but a bit lighter. I will watch for next few days it sounds like. Given the area it is making me anxious lol. Ty. I will keep you posted
7 days later and just like that overnight it appears to have reduced drastically!
so even though looked greatly subsided this morning, still went ahead with warm compress (with some epson salt) and the diluted tea tree oil just to keep going until fully subsided, and 15 minutes later it seemed to cause it to puff back up (sigh). my guess is it will subside again (was barely visible when I awoke), but do you think at this point assuming it subsides again is to leave it alone and monitor for few days?
I think you should call your doctor and get his advice, since the swelling came back up. It wouldn't hurt to get it checked again.

Let me know what he says.
Thanks. Spoke to clinician who said I could come in now or monitor for another day or so to see if there is any further improvement. My guess is the liquid has probably more or less drained but there may bea cyst shell still around;  hoping I am able to have it dissolved naturally but as necessay I may go back later in week. Thank you for your advice. Will keep you posted.
Update: After 10 days, it now appears about half the size it was and looks a lot improved. I am diluting the tea treal oil less and that seems to have made a huge impact. Since it appears to be improving, I will continue to self treat and monitor, but right now it seems like it will resolve naturally. Will let you know if things change.
3 weeks later, it isn't completely gone but it's the size and feel now of like a small pea under the skin. Interestingly as it was healing and I guess draining on the inside it seemed to affect a few of the follicles close to it, but not too bad. I knew it would take time, so it's been slow, but compared to what it was when I first saw it it's much better and hopefully completely subsided when I next report in.
Awesome - I'm glad there's been some progress. Don't hesitate to go back and and get it checked, especially if it's spread to other follicles, though.

Keep us posted!
Thanks. There were like 4 follicles that had whiteheads but they seem to be back or almost back to normal now(obviously I am sensitive to anything there now!). The clinician would almost certainly talk me into excising it so just trying to do it naturally before taking that route lol. So since it seems improved, I will continue to watch but hopefully it subsides completely soon.
Finally! It is about 90% or so gone. No longer noticeable unless you are really looking for it and underneath the skin there feels soft and almost completely back to normal. Took time but glad I let it heal naturally before getting it excised by a doctor. Thanks again.
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