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Cyst in eyebrow

My 10 yr old daughter has developed a growth over her eye, in the eyebrow region. It started off looking like a dirt smudge, then a bruise, then started growing. After four weeks, it is now roughly the size of 1/2 your thumb (over 1" long, 3/4" in diameter), very dark red in color. The pediatrician referred us to a plastic surgeon, who diagnosed a hemangioma, and scheduled surgery. He then cancelled surgery, said he could not perform and referred us to another plastic surgeon who specialized in laser surgery. They would not see us, and referred us to an opthamologist. She ordered an MRI, and we are waiting on those results. Although we have not talked to the "doc" yet again, I have wrangled out of the technicians that it is suspected to be either a carbuncle or a cyst. I personally do not think it is a carbuncle, as there is no "point" or "head", and absolutely no draining.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am trying to educate myself on possibilities, so we can discuss more intelligently with the doctors.
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Based on the image, this does appear to be vascular in origin. It appears cystic as it contains fluid based on its shiny exterior. It also appears to be well demarcated. I would think of hemangioma as a primary differential here.

Its location may suggest that you need to have this removed. In your child's case, the hemangioma is noted on the eye region. Also, it appears to be growing .This would suggest that surgical excision is necessary. However, as it is cystic , your physician may suggest corticosteroid injection. A plastic surgeon may be the physician of choice, as this involves a sensitive region of the face.

Here is a url you may want to check for further information:


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Thank you very much. I learn a little more each day. Have a great day!

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