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Dark patch on neck - thin child

My little guy who is a superslim biracial child (white/African-American) has developed a dark patch of skin on the front of his neck.  It looks a bit scaley in appearrance.  It does not hurt or itch he says. In trying to find some info on what it might be, I ran across Acanthosis Nigricans, but it says it mostly occurs in overweight and obese children.  Is this something I should be concerned about?  I'm a little worried about the risk for type 2 diabetes if that is what this indicates.  How would I get him tested to make sure it's not this issue?  His pediatrician?  A dermatologist? Could it be just a pigmentation thing because of of his biracial skin?
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My diagnosis for a thin child with this neck would be 'Pellagra' with a Cassal collar well treatable with b-complex factors, if so.
My best wishes.
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His regular daily gummy vitamin has vitamin B12 in it.  After reading the Wiki article about Pellagra it also says Niacin treats it.  The photo on the Wiki article is way more extreme than what my sons skin looks like. There is no itching pain or peeling. Do you think adding Niacin in his diet would somehow help.  He gets plenty of Trytophan, turkey sandwiches are usually his after dinner snack.  Thanks for the comment ;)  
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Also Dirty neck of the atopics (family history of allergy) is a look alike. Get the boy's CBC and urine examination also.Addition of B complex factors would help. Do consult your doc. ok?
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