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Derm prescribed topical steroid for perioral dermatitis? Help

So quick background:

Ever since I sucked on my lips while concentrating last August I've had problems. For months it was just little zit looking things on my lipline with redness and flakes, only one to three at a time. After unsuccessful visits to urgent care, a 10 day cycle of anti biotics that didn't work, I was somewhat able to manage it.

Then one Saturday morning I got sunburnt on my face. The next day the bumps were back. I used Eucerin eczema cream which had helped before then I also put sunblock on the area. Two days the the bumps are gone but this redness was starting to spread between my upper lip and nose forming a goofy looking red moustache that was dry and tight, kinda scaley. It never looked like that before so I thought it was eczema and treated it with moisturizer.

I eventually got into the derm who not surprisingly diagnosed it perioral dermatitis. But to my surprise they prescribed hydrocortisone 2.5 twice a day, also Elidel for the "long term" once my insurance approves it.

I'm confused cause I thought topical steroids made it worse! I finally got a hold of one of the doctors today and asked her if the steroid will make it come back worse and what I keep rwadi g on the i ternet and she said no, it's not strong enough. She also sent a script for Minocycline 50 mg twice a day.

So my question: should I stop the steroid like the internet keeps saying? My perioral dermatitis wasn't caused steroids but still - what do I do?

My other question is will that Minocycline work? I thought I read Doxy was the best.

This is really beating me down especially as a person with depression. If someone can answer and help, especially a dermatologist, that'd be great.
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